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Feyre Jun 2020
I realized too many of us forget to look up.
To look up from our busy lives,
Heartfelt cries,
and see the starry sky.

To look up from our troubles,
Our adventures,
Our times had on this earth,
And see the twinkling lights above.

Do we take them for granted,
These stars?
The ones always there?
Do we forget to realize that we can’t always see them?
So we should drink them in when we can?

Drown in the eternal abyss that is the night sky.
Breathe in deep,
Until we feel like we’re on an oxygen high.

Fill our lungs with fresh air,
Our eyes with the sky,
And get lost in all that God has created.

Watch the stars shimmer and shine.
Watch them glimmer and glow.
Watch closely for the ones that shoot across that starry sight,
Filling our hearts with childlike delight.

Make wishes,
Say prayers.
Give thanks-
That God made possible each clear dark sky and star filled night,
Each starry sight we see.
Feyre Jun 2020
The sun
It shines brightly some days.
Causing eyes to squint,
Skin to burn,
Sleeves to roll up.

Other days is peeks behind clouds.
A shy child in a new place,
Unsure of their desire to come out and play or hide away.
Teasing us with warmth,
But not staying long.

Some days the sun doesn’t shine at all.
Leaving the clouds to cover the sky,
Like a grey blanket,
Not warm,
But daylight all the same.

People are like the sun.

Some days they uplift each other,
Eyes squinted as laughter flows through them,
Hearts burning with joy,
Huge smiles rolling up the corners of their mouth.

Other days people are in new surroundings.
Shyly trying to meet new people,
To make the right first impression.
Unsure of which decision is the right one,
To choose to go out or stay inside.
Teasing smiles,
A fleeting look.

Some days people are less happy.
Absent minded,
Stuck inside their heads.
Letting the world continue around them,
Not present,
But here all the same.

Someone can be the sun in your life,
Brightening your days,
Lighting up your world with a smile,
And still be able to cause you pain.

To be your brightest star on your darkest days,
And yet be the reason some days are gloomier than others.

But that also doesn’t mean they aren’t the Sun to you.
Feyre Jun 2020
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I say a picture is a movie trailer,
of a trip down memory lane.

One look at a photo, of a time now past,
can unravel a strand of memory.

People in the photo can call to mind,
The story behind the image-
  the context that’s missing.

A photo tells a story in the mind.
Captures a candid moment-
A laugh-
A look of pure joy-

A photo tells more than meets the eye.

Picturesque people, places, and things.
Parts of life otherwise unseen.

A  stolen glance,
A shy smile,
A wistful look,

Capturing things in the moment,
That would otherwise be forgotten.

Time stands still in a photograph.
Those exact moments in time,
able to be preserved for forever.

When memory fails,
and recollection gets hazy,
Look back on the photographs.

Professional or Amateur.

Good lighting or Bad lighting.

Blurry lights or Sharp lines.

No matter the photo,
No matter the quality,
No matter the who, what, where, when, or why-
A story it will tell.


— The End —