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Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
Oh, Ash...
Your ***
So beautiful
Oh, Ash...
Your ***
I just want to touch it
Caress it
Mmm, Ash...
Your ***
So juicy
I could just...
You got a man?
Hold up
I ain't thinking about him.
A personal poem about myself and a woman who I thought had the best *** I had ever seen.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
Her son was asleep
She was relaxed now
As she stepped out the shower
Her dripping body
Her brown skin
Naked, she looked as beautiful as a flower
Sweet as brown sugar
They called her
She thought that was so corny
She moisturized her long legs
Which made men oh so *****
When she thought about it
As she moved up her body
Her son stirred
Her hands were on her *******
She softly cursed
Her ******* were like soft ebony basketballs
She admired them
No wonder she got so many catcalls
And those buns
Those buns
Those sweet firm cinnamon buns
They speak for themselves
They’re the perfect balance
She looked in the bathroom mirror
And looked back at it
And touched it
In silence
Soon that silence was no more
Her son wasn’t asleep anymore
She had to cut short her body admiration
Due to her dedication
To her son
They called her Brown Sugar
She knows why
Now all her Brown Sugar is devoted...
For her son.
I wrote this for a girl I was crushing on who has a son. Kind of a tribute.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
****, girl
That *** is thick
Don't play with me, girl
You make me wanna lick...
Girl, did I say that out loud?
It's just that that *** in them jeans
Makes me want to shout
Ooh, girl, bend over, show me what's that about
I'm a religious man, Lord, forgive me
For what I'm about to see
So sweaty
So pretty
Her thong showed
Her kitty was getting frisky
If you know what I mean
She was grinding me
Nothing was in between
She looked back and smiled
She knew
I wanted to **** her to the extreme.
A play on David Banner's "Play." This is a fantasy of mine.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
You wanna know something?
These lips
These lips I have
Have never experienced a kiss

I want to experience that feeling
That feeling of tasting lip gloss
That feeling of having your lip bit
Oh so expertly

I like juicy lips
Glossed lips
Lick them in the mirror
Pout them

I want to taste their lips
Hot and heavy like high school
What that mouth do?
Kiss me
A Random ***** poem...
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
She wasn't a girl
She wasn't yet a woman
At least in her mind
She still stayed in her parents house
At that time

One day she got a taste of it
Of how it is
She was innocent yet pretty
Got looks all over the city
But she didn't suffer from stupidity

She was walking past two guys
On the beach
One was relatively handsome
He caught her eye
But he was looking at her exposed thighs

The other was reading a book on a bench
As he looked down, he looked older
He looked as if he had a thirst to quench
He looked at her body, licking his lips
"I can show you something, sugar ****"

She was no girl
She was officially a nubile woman
In her mind
She got back to her parents' house
While she still had time.
A poem about a very pretty girl that is *******.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
**** your boyfriend
I want your red lips
On mine
My first 10 word poem. I was in my feelings... This helped.
Tristan Taylor Mar 2018
You can call me Peter Parker
You're a benchwarmer
I’m a starter
I don’t have your number
Trust me, I won't stalk you
You got a Snapchat, though?
I’ll snap you
I’ll do it from the perfect view
Your friendly neighborhood superhero
Jumping from building to building
Just watch out for my web
That goes for your boyfriend
Forget him, he’s a zero
Tell him not to sweat...
Too much
I mean, I'm just saying
I don’t give a **** about his feelings
Tugging at Heartstrings? **** that.
I’m Spider-Man
And That’s a fact
See that dude?
He’s just a fad.
Now you and me, what’s up with that?
A bad rap I came up with listening to a video game soundtrack...
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