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Chandana saige Oct 2021
Even it's a lie
Please tell me I'm losing you
So I won't hope honey

Friends I had to end their care
They said you're not coming back

Who's in your mind baby
I don't mind
You can tell me like I'm your last piece
Drop your time when you lie
Is there any way to get you honey?
Chandana saige Oct 2021
You are so irritating without replying
but I dont want to break your rules
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Colorful rainbow is broken
It is more beautiful when you shine
in my love street you rain heavy
Im here to write the first wave of sea
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Silver lined eyes
Roaming in my mind
your silky sheet on ruby rainbow,
shall occupy my sky
your slightly thickened and dyed hair,
on nape waves your eternal joy of beauty

All the girls were so impulsive for you
I'm the idle one to adore your slow whispers
you told you're going to sleeping
without listening my high notes
singed for you all alone in this dark.
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Before someone else
you were the one
Chandana saige Sep 2021
I'm finally fine
without your chat
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Finally I'm accepting this
how love can be this harsh?
I love when it moves away from me

Behind this hardness I laugh
and I erased myself for it
now it's questioning me that am I asked to wait?
It's your fault for your destruction

His heavy wings fly away finally
my stem branches left alone
but beautiful flowers bloomed when I let it go
I envy this beautiful flowers on me
I'm so kind to them
I'm so in love with them
don't come to make me heavy
in this rain

Oh my love is blind
It let you go far away of you want
In this night.
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