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The Dybbuk Oct 2019
Pavlov got something wrong,
because classical conditioning,
is for the classically trained.
I, meanwhile, live halfway between the operant
and the mountain,
and an iron cast bell.
What he didn't realize is that the dogs
cared more to sink their teeth,
into old Ivan
and buy their freedom for a day.
Radhika Lusted Sep 2019
Persuaded in masses
To control the population
We’re all a predicament
Of the same situation

Born into captivity
To think that we’re free
Living through eyes
That are too blind to see
Another poem about the blind
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
I am so very broke, I can’t afford to pay it thought.
Fettered in a cage by poverty, left only to pray and rot.
The feathers of my soul have been tarred and stained by life.
So much so, I'm not sure if they'll ever again shine bright.
This Bird in my heart used to sing for my hopes and dreams;
Mourning every tragedy with requiems that gleamed.
A little Canary to be all mine until the very end of time,
Staving off this cold world and reminding me I'm fine.

This poverty starved her slow and deep, down to the very core.
Melodies that once remedied despair gone forevermore.
Nowadays, all I can ever do is reminisce about that yellow bird;
How she'd bring warmth to my life's cold hell of a blur.
The way our voices would harmonize on little notes;
Prophecies of a better future foretold from our nook.
That's why I still cling to the distant sound of their words,
Because they ramble on in me until nothing seems absurd.
I like to think she still sings sometimes, though no sound is heard.
That music of hope rings in my mind still, all thanks to Bird.
Luna Jay Mar 2019
One last time I look around,
As I’m lifting off of the ground.
Saying goodbye to the birds and the bees-
Floating above Ross’ Happy Trees.
I am pleased.
I’m being released.
No more captivity
On the big blue marble.
A balloon cut from its string,
I rise until I hit
Invisible walls.
The sky is the
Only place I have left
To fall.
Kimberley Mar 2019
i can finally breathe again,
no longer does my love for you
restrict the breath fighting to escape my lungs
like a killer's hands
to his victim's neck
forestfaith Sep 2018
It's simple really, a swipe, a bite, a tap, and a knife might pierce through your back.  

It's simple too, to get a date, a swipe to the left a swipe to the right, nah, we are the gods of this world.

Acting like the master of a master, the creator of the creator, acting like we yield the powers of the sea, or the power and mystery of gravity...

They escape from reality, they put their head down to sleep because their kids were noisy... using those games to replace what was a role of a father or a mother.

Her back was arched too, her chin pressed against the folds of her skin as she sat there, so focused, so engrossed and enjoying the ...... captivity in which she didn't want to look up, no no no, she preferred to look into virtual screens and when she wanted to scream in pain she went to her phone to check that she isn't alone..
That if people didn't like her photos she was an outcast.

People keep talking about MK ultra, but what if it's already controlling us. How those heaps of wires and chips and circuits so easily lures us in it's wake...

Parents, they use those sirens of the technology world to shut up their children. Soon, they would have missed the voices of the once innocent and unbroken child. They would miss the times they talk as a family, only realising those times were filled with "can I use the phone."

Arched backs and arched necks. This is society now.
I don't accept this. It's so annoying to see parents especially using the phones as ways to shut their children up ahhhh sooner of later, their children is gonna grow up, and they are gonna want their children to spend time with him and they are gonna feel awkward because they were never close in the first place....but j can understand of course, that is hard and tiring but I hope we can get away from the phone and start living.
Passang Sherpa Jul 2018

Sometimes I wish I was but, a blind
Won’t have to, witness people so unkind.

Sometimes I wish I was but, deaf and dumb
Nothing to hear and say, comfortably numb.

Sometimes I wish I was but, lame and *******
Sit back and relax, nothing else to repel.

Sometimes I wish I had but, total no feel
No drive for ambition, revenge or a ****.

Sometimes I wish I had but, no senses
Whom to care and whom to keep off the fences.

At times,
I wish for these things above
For it is not WAR that I love
Let the sleeping lion in me sleep
For I strongly believe in “Live or Let live”.

Copyright © PS
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Monkey Monkey : Part Two

Apes are our equals,
So set free our people!
Let them find the freedom they have never had.
Let them live once more in paradise.  
Treat them as you would a man.

The chimpanzee is just like me.
I think I’m related to the monkey in this theory.
So set the Baboon free!
Plant a tree!

Build a home and tear down your zoo.
Let my people be with their own;
Not just here to entertain you.
The monkey mind is the equal of mine,
They have such ingenuity.
The monkey mind is free, compared to mine,
So set my people free!

Lock us up in your cages, or let us become free.
Let us be free to ***, wherever we please.
In this concrete jungle of yours, we can no longer await death.
We can no longer live here, in such a filthy mess.

Set the monkey free from captivity!
Let it do as it wishes and it will make itself happy.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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