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Apr 2020
Insanity calling out to me seductively.
My whispered name floating on winds scented breath.
Peering out my window, though the silence is deafening, I can hear the screaming sound of silent death.

I can hear its unrest
If I listen even closer
I can hear it confess
It says that it's sorry, it knows it's a pest
However, this is it's nature
Like humans capturing beauty in cages, our nature's coded in the oppressed.

It's just doing what it's design to do
That is to destroy,
Or to survive
There's always two sides to a coin.
I personally think we to blame
This is what our destruction caused
This Earth is in pain.
I think it's defending itself
Yeah, maybe, I know
This sounds insane

Then I ask...

Would you not defend yourself
If you continually being flayed
The essence that is you
Gets repeatedly drained
Even the deepest of ocean is not safe
We are the human race, we infest every space
In our accomplishments
Beauty gets destroyed, captured in paintings
Get locked in a safe.

What I'm trying to convey
This virus is only giving in to it's nature
Same as the human race
It seems it's out to destroy
Until one day,
The earth will truly be grasping at it's last breath
Intoxicating air, the air not breathable, unfresh
Of feeling it's devoid.
With it's very last hope, the human race and it's virus, deaths will be deployed.
Thoughts in isolation
It keeps the time running
Hopefully the virus end is coming
So back into the darkness we plummet
And become the corporations
We live to exist.
Just hope there's a second coming.
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
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