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Dec 2020

Your *******, when love-based
within their beautiful forming,
and then  glorious unfolding
are Love and Light's  extracorporeal

focusing   l o v e t on e d
sonic shockwaves directly at the  machine's
extremely intricate innerworkings..

Having,  through years of horror-based
survival tactics; in desperation.. slowly learned;
now ingrained-- softening up the very
innerwall-linings of your very spirit
in such a way as to unknowingly
provide footing
for the machine's  deep embedment,
and then,  permeation  of all things
previously, you..
having now enwrapped itself into
your very sinews

holding your precious spirit  captive
from the the soar

These passionate, late night forays
outside the wire with you
are not exploitative, but instead
are love-driven  deeply focused,
fully intentioned pingings of Light's
Relational sound waves
aimed directly at the beautiful you
held so tightly, so covetously by the machine
as your wonderfully  juice-filled body
responds late at night, aligning
to the me, you have come to know..
heightening your beautiful response
to the point of screaming, passionate release--
your own, fully love based..


unwelcoming,  of the machine.

an ode  to the healing light of relationship
Written by
M Vogel  ya- strange, odd, unusual
(ya- strange, odd, unusual)   
     F Unting Cuckface and S Olson
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