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Andrej Barovic Dec 2019
Oh, tears unshed;
Where doth thine valley lie?
Where doth thine river flow:
In Heaven above
Or Hell below?
Andrej Barovic Nov 2019
I have this wicked yearning
That is burning within my soul
For the sweet release
For the gaping void
I gaze at the belt
Of color black
And leathercraft
My neck hungers
My mind blank
As an empty textbook page
My heart wishing
To enter the ethereal plane
My soul weeps
For there are none to grieve
A footnote in the universe
I fade into oblivion
Into my own demise.
Andrej Barovic Aug 2019
Bright watchful eyes of the Unholy one
Cast thy sight upon me!
Bring forth the fires of Hell
Bring forth the armies of Doom!
I offer thee my sinful soul
But one condition must be!
Bestow upon me one last kiss
Of a woman to thee unknown!
Let me this once not suffer and moan
Let me have one memory to cherish
Before I into the Nether perish.

Liar! Traitor! Unholy spawn of Hell!
Thou betrayed my final will!
I call upon the angels above
Radiant and divine!
To cleanse me of this curse
So ravaging and benign!
Bless me with thy holy light
And allow me to repent!
Revive my mortal soul
That into Hell was sent!

If only but for one moment
That I could bear witness for a final time
Her hair in locks, red as fine wine
Let me witness and lament
Let me witness
Let me die
Forsake me into the fires of Hades
No pain shall I feel
No tear shall I shed
In this Plutonian realm of Death.
This is the first proper poem I have ever written, and is my starter in poetry. So far I had only written prose ie. Short stories and fiction and I would appreciate any and all type of feedback. Thank you.

— The End —