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Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
Even through shadows
she shines like
there is no other star
up in the sky
because your smile was like the sunrise
my inspiration for art
a poem needless to rhyme
and even though she may deny
it is impossible to disguise
the beauty inside her heart.
Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
It's like trying to run away from the moonlight
history without tragedy
sun without fire
it's inside me, I can feel it burning
and I never know if it will hurt or heal
but I keep running
trying to get to you
like a wolf at midnight
your love is what keeps me alive.
Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
When I look at you
I see many stars
pretty liny lights;

and I fear that
when you stare at me
there is only an empty sky.
Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
When she cries
it's like shooting stars fly
right across the sky
and a piece of me die
because I just wanted
to see her smile.
Gabriel Marfim Sep 2017
She was just another star
from a distant constellation

But she didn't know that
looking from his planet
she was already a
beautiful nebula.
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
I felt cold
like an endless snow-rain
that would never fade
and I was in pain
because in my heart
I couldn't run away from this terrain

But I found this girl
and with her
the sun came

I was warm,
the weather had finally changed.
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
I used to think
about traveling the world
searching for a happy place to go

but then I've met this girl
and realized
I'm in the happiest place I could be,
in a relationship between you and me.
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
You are
my early morning sun
my midnight moon

and even in my dreams
there is light

because eyes are not required
to see how much
you shine.
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
In a starry-starry night
you tell to look up at the sky
and then I realise

the star that shines the most
is the one by my side.
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
Her eyes were like
stars in a clouded sky
at midnight

She felt like
she wasn't bright enough

But he was in love
with her moonlight.
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