Lonely days
I'm still searching for a place to stay
explored old alleys
and could only find
the same face
because the one that I adore
just went away through that door

Now I walk in the rain
expecting the whole world
and getting nothing
quiet and bubbly
as I write down private thoughts in public.

Even through shadows
she shines like
there is no other star
up in the sky
because your smile was like the sunrise
my inspiration for art
a poem needless to rhyme
and even though she may deny
it is impossible to disguise
the beauty inside her heart.

At the darkest nights
you manage to find your spot
sparkling among the stars
illuminating my life
with your white light
just like a full moon
filling all of the room
left in my heart.

I fly away
lose orbit
just like a rocket
so I beg for you to stay

you take me to another dimension
because in your arms I feel protection
and when your lips touches mine
in my heart you light up a fire
that not even the sun
has yet to become.

Nights awake
too much time to waste
thinking what to think
what you think
about me

But then I realise
you are the only thing
on my mind.

love teen her she camila night dreams

It's like trying to run away from the moonlight
history without tragedy
sun without fire
it's inside me, I can feel it burning
and I never know if it will hurt or heal
but I keep running
trying to get to you
like a wolf at midnight
your love is what keeps me alive.

When I look at you
I see many stars
pretty liny lights;

and I fear that
when you stare at me
there is only an empty sky.

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