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  Nov 2016 Evan Hayes
I just want you
to be happy
but sometimes
and selfishly
I want to be
your happiness

'happiness is a choice'
you say
and you didn't choose me

I clung onto the idea
since you made me happy
it would be the same for you

What is happiness now?
where has it gone to?
In time, society has robbed us
the real meaning of happiness

Go on your own way
and pursue your happiness
for your smile, is my smile
your laugh, is my laugh

and I'll be happy
when you find your happiness
because I love you
always have, always will
  Jan 2016 Evan Hayes
Sleep well.
Sleep tight.
Don't stay angry.
Don't fight.
Find your dreams.
Find them and
release them.
In darkness
so utterly quiet.
Wishing you sweet
good night.
  Jan 2016 Evan Hayes
I am the moon and she is the sun.
we're in the same world, we can look at each other without any hesitation. but I can't touch her.
I can't touch her.
when it's her time to come out and play,
she leaves me reflecting in the sky to keep a close eye on the many changes I have to stay alive.
when she sets for bedtime, she keeps enough light on to help me shine the way in the darkness.
sometimes, we collide.
an eclipse so bright, a touch so magical that it's blinding.
I breathe in her touch. I breathe in the pain she brings me, the fire that warms me when I'm oh so cold.
our collision course is beautiful and reckless, but so rare.
I can't touch her.
I've been writing something everyday so far this year. day 12.
  Apr 2015 Evan Hayes
Ive never slept so well
before going to sleep
thinking of you

and I guess this
is what Love
feels like

your hoodie
my time
and our lips


and I don't miss
my time
because I know

its safe in your care
just as I am
and you in mine

and I want to
wake up beside

and sleep
with you
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