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r0b0t Feb 2017
i crumble, wet sugar, slipping down the side of my glass,
my eyes cant focus, except for on you, the only clear thing in my sight
r0b0t Feb 2017
I can't feel my words, only yours
filling my head with the dread
a confusion of princes, blonde, i imagine
and i can choke down the bile,
but only for a while, til i think of him,
with you, again
i know he has not touched your lips,
and i have, and i miss
the way they felt on my arms, my shoulders, and nothing is
quite the same, when i try
i can run my hands down my sides, down my thighs,
but they are nothing like yours,
touching his, touching his
the other day i got to kiss her again and i cant stop thinking about it my lips are buzzing
r0b0t Feb 2017
Feel alone, not broken,
head under the seas,
kiss the fish, my darlin',
come back to me, please

I, am, a treasure chest,
watch the waves, slowly crest,
kiss the top, baby steps,
Lead me to our new love nest
r0b0t Feb 2017
lay down in bed like I'm in my coffin
feel my bones, whistle rattle and shake
Drop my hand on the table like I'm all in
Got all hands on my heart to break
Steal the soul out my world with a silver tongue
pull the plug on the day the world aches
can't ever forget, they all tell me
"Least you're still young"
r0b0t Feb 2017
Im haunted inside
I wish she could come back to life
explore all over my mind
i wish she could come back to life
come back to my life
dance a waltz around my heart
and stomp all over my life
take who i am inside
turn back to who i should be
defrost me defrost me
im shaving every day
i think ive grown from this sidewalk
but i need sun again
or i feel like im withering withering
i dont want to move on. i want to
hold the back of your neck when i kiss you and
finish x files with you and
miss you again
if we are not healed by valentines i will
i will buy you what you wanted
r0b0t Dec 2015
I have only ever heard snatches of conversation
Ranging from arguments to confessions of love
Once, a proposal
The light blinds me but not the light from fixtures
The light from you, my love, my only caretaker
From the store I was borne from, I was surrendered, helpless, upon you
And began my cycle
Bells and songs
The sad sobbing, one year
"They're gone. They're all gone. Who gets these?"
And then stillness. Silence.

Darkness (noun) -A total or partial absence of light.
r0b0t Oct 2015
hey! we
we all gonna die
we ALL gonna die
and i think there's a level of trust involved with accepting that
like bringing a psychopath out to a field
but put a knife in my hand and suddenly
that little knife becomes a fish
without a stream
but baby
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