What's this?
Blank space?
Show my stuff and all that?
Sure thing!
Sure hope I don't fall flat…
This is how I proved I was human when I requested an invitation to Hello Poetry.
I’m sorry I look at you with empty eyes
And speak with simple words
We both lost her
He both loved her
We both miss her
I just don’t know what to say to you
I see that pain in your eyes when you look at me
Like I remind you of her death
I miss all of them
It just reminds me I’m growing up
But I really really don’t want to
I feel like I’m dying but I’m just getting closer
Listen, I’m sorry
I’ve lost my mind and I’ve been trying to compensate by trying to be deep
I don’t know what I’m thinking anymore
I’ve been blank minded since I saw you banging on her coffin
I’ve been blank minded since I realized she was dead
Em MacKenzie May 18
As I slide on through the wet pavement,
the puddles don't vibrate or shake.
The rain doesn't stall, the drops continue their fall,
each splash pushes my cracks to break.

As I sit under a dark blanket of stars,
I reach out into only empty air.
No one passes by, I don't catch a single eye,
I'm plagued and cursed but can't bring myself to care.

A reward for my lost mind,
a rainbow for the colourblind,
emptiness fills to the core.
Hectic routine clearly outlined,
lip bit and my teeth grind,
I've been hiding in a metaphor.

While I sail through the sky with no safety net,
no bird seems worried for my form,
they don't even blink, they just watch on as I sink,
and they're ready and anxious for my body to swarm.
I always was known as a storm.

A reward for my lost mind,
a rainbow for the colourblind,
emptiness fills to the core.
The sun never showed or shined,
it was stuck, chained in a bind,
I've been hiding in a metaphor.

Once walked along each path
with only untied shoes,
and I felt heartbreak's wrath,
and the old lovers blues,
got the brittle in each bone
and my spine's growing weak,
in the end we all die alone,
but I witnessed a smile in each beak.

A reward for my lost mind,
a rainbow for the colourblind,
emptiness fills to the core.
A mute that never signed,
A soul too late to find,
I've been hiding in a metaphor.

Into the shadows I blend,
never to see light again,
I've been holding doors to my metaphors for you.
Into the shadows I blend,
one day the dark will be a trend,
I've been holding doors, hands covered in sores for you.

Oh I was on fire that night,
now the stars blur in my sight,
I've been holding doors to my metaphors for you.
You know I'm here just like I was then,
I will be there when you come again,
I've been dying and crying on hardwood floors for you.

There's no simile to describe me,
no comparing or analogy,
just one white blank page.
There's no simile to describe me,
no imagery or allegory,
just one lonely cage.
Saki Wang May 13



Basement Floor.
Galib May 11
Keep your heart blank,
Get up, let’s get drunk,
They take you for granted,
You shouldn't be so frank.

You heart wants another love
Mind says, no!!!, no more,
Don’t be piece of their puzzle,
Keep her ego at the door.

Look ahead, erase your memories,
Redundant episods and felonies,
Set each neuron of your brain,
To bless you with festive melodies.

Your life should be a fortunate roll,
Keep your head up, no more of a fall,
In whomever your heart wants to believe,
Escape that feeling, make her crawl.
Daniel Ruiz May 9
Why can't I write about her?
My feelings are true to the core
But, as I'm searching in some forgotten lore
I see that my intentions aren't true.
Love isn't something you find at first sight,
Love isn't something you seek but on the contrary,
Love seeks the ones that follows.
It burns everytime I speak,
Everytime I say your name my throat
Burst out in flames,
While I get a little startled when the sun caresses your face,
I understand.
Meanwhile I cry in this lost echoed room
You can hear the whining form a different tune,
The inferno I raise every time I speak
I feel every inch of it in this estatic world of yours,
I feel things no human ever dared felt before,
I can't control this emotion,
Nor I can let it control me,
But every time you sing It feels like every bone in my body wouldn't move
If it wasn't In the name of you.
So,why can't I control this petrified little boy?
Who's terrified to lose something he doesn't have?
Because time stops everytime my eyes meet with yours,
And I would lose everything,
And that everything would be you.

⁃ Just Blank
JW May 7
The blank canvas exposes the truth
My mind is dull,  the lack of words are proof
I sit alone in the dark and cry
The future was never really mine
It was a sham, a big fat lie
I'm just a loser, that cant deny
That maybe I'm not special at all
My teachers lied while they stood tall
Told me that I had a gift
Now I realize it was just shit
Spewing from an ignorant mouth
How dare they promise what isn't real
Now I live in constant fear
That I will die alone and sad
I'm not good enough to stay glad.....
Vexren4000 May 2
A space set out before me,
Blank with the bright snowy electronic white.
A mechanical canvas,
Made of pinpoints of light,
Hopefully we will never lose,
The sight of a normal,
Blank piece of paper.

Poetic T Apr 27
She's a library of consciousness,
           putting books of recollection
           within the shelf's of anthology.

Some times she's looking for her
             favourite memories only to
             find they are deleted volumes.

Regrettably some editions are discontinued
                   because revised version are better
                                    than there predecessors.
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