Dr Cat Fiesh Jan 11
The screen is blank
Waiting for an input.
I sit there and ponder; thing after thing.
I give in and move, pressing key after key.

Fingers moving ever so carefully,
Pressing keys as if the movements are watched by crowds.
Hours and hours later, it is finally done.
The screen is blank
Just something random I thought I'd write.
# of days in a row = 1
There I lay in the middle of a room with 4 walls and a light staring straight right at me. Glaring like it want to say something but there was no sound. Then I laugh, its funny because even for a second there I really thought that , the light would tell me something. After a while I can hear a familiar sound, It was rain hitting the roof. Again it felt like it was saying something and yet again I started to laugh for there was no voice and i'm fooling myself how could rain tell me something. For hours I never stop staring at the ceiling with a blank thought, not even thinking of anything. Then I realized its dark, I'm pretty sure the light was on a little while back and no one had entered the room to turn it off. In my mind i'm sure its a blackout but i'm comfortable to where I lay. I didn't bothered to check. Now I'm staring at ceiling again but there was no light. The light that has been glaring at me  earlier.  It was pitch black. The darkness seemed to be telling me something yet in my head. Is still blank state. Then there was silence the rain have stop. It was so silent that I can hear my heart beating and even my breathing. The silence was absolutely deafening. I was scared I don't know why, as I feel the room getting and getting smaller in the darkness. The silence starts to hurt. I'm getting flash backs of my past, all of those memories sink in,  in a flash. Now i'm truly scared. I tried to move but my body wont. I tried to scream but theres only whispers coming out my lips. The silence I was experiencing was truly different and the darkness was a new. Then I heard it. Loud and clear. It struck me and then I realized. What was the message. Then a lighting flashed, then the lights turned on. Thunders roared then it broke the silence. I just immediately stood up. Look at the clock, it was already 3 am, Then I said to myself what a good day to LIVE.
sometimes it takes only the thunder and lighting to remind you that you are alive.
Ari Jan 2


how could you possibly describe something so intricate as the way your own mind works?
-E Dec 2017
Love isint blind..
Love just ignore the fualts..
Until the faults cover the whole page.

Some will love you for who you were.
Some will believe they can erase the ink.

But most will leave and find a blank page ,rewrite their story.

But no one seems knows they could just turn the page. Because thats just a chapter of their life.

And most pages are emty waiting for you to change the story's end..
Lex Dec 2017
I love the oppritunity that comes with a blank canvas
And then I have all these colors to choose from to bring it to life!

Which ones will I choose?
Poetic T Dec 2017
Sod the fumigated thoughts
that were meant to be
                           reflected upon.

My original attention couldn't
be spayed upon, like it was
              cockroaches of originality.

I'll crawl upon every blank lyric,
that seeds every page with my
                         worded heart beat.

Never can my words be confided
to the delusions of others
                      repetitive replications.
Caleb Collins Dec 2017
Flashes of light flood my mind at night
My eyes are closed but I retain my sight
I see how broken this world has become
I see how far i've fallen and become numb

Numb to the selfish acts of humanity
How cruel we are to drive others to insanity
How politics have dominated nations morality
How people lose sight because of nationality

I’ve lost hope in purity
I’ve gained insecurity
No longer do I hold my head high with hope
No longer do I want to help people cope

But I am a fool
I let people use me like a tool
To make themselves feel better
And here she comes, i'm gonna let her

Because my passion is helping others
To give shelter and distribute cover
Even if it means killing myself inside
But these feelings are what I coincide

Feel free to share, Hope you enjoy. It feels good to be writing again.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
Like a ghost
Reading words on my
I look into your eyes
And read

Like a pictureless
Picture frame
Shooting ingots of
Color and light
Into the world
We speak words
In the Dark
Never move our

Like a blind man
Analyzing the
We take risks
Sending shocks
Into our eyes

Like a Me
With no words
To my name
I feel you speak
You're reading me
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
I am a blank book
waiting to be written in

I am a lost soul
waiting to be found

I am a blank face
wrapped up in gray shadows

I am the silver silence
colored in by sound
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