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Gabriel burnS Apr 2017
double long, triple-strong caffeine pinch
hopping round
cardiovascular road strips;
its hues are bloodshot contrasts
blending well in peripheries
alienating sources
of scarlet origin;
eyelips swallow eyeballs;
impossible to bite on,
for their teeth are on the outside
pulling punches,
stopping short of eye-lashing out


the ellipse of Your eyelips
swallows my irises
siamese twin suns
at the luminous breeze
falling asleep on my chest
vivid abreast
the pyre of lungs
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Oopy Doopy, Super Sloopy.
Loopy snoopy, pants apoopy.
Lippy hippy, slippy dippy.
Nasty-nicey, normally snippy.

Loosey goosey, chocolate moussey.
Usually *** goofy as Gary Busey.
Hinky-stinky presidential *****.
Winky-blinky, dangerously stinko.

Hippity hoppy, flippy-floppy
Get a mop, it never stops.
Laughy gaffe-y, riffy-raffy
Face as gross as rotten taffy.

Whammy-bammy, scary scammy
Mammy-jamming Uncle Sammy.
Lumpy-dumpy, far from humpy
******* up future jumpy bumpy.

Glossy boss, a frightful loss
Ungathered moss at twice the cost.
Serious gap while the country naps
****** sap giving us a slap.

Frightening nooses tightening,
Rights denied like summer lightning.
Ignoring Popes and Snopes
Hopeless dopes put us on the ropes.

Immune to our cries, elected guys
Make horrifying decisions most unwise.
Like black magic before all our eyes
We’re leaderless as freedom dies.
A pearl of the rarest kind
Given with pure earnest trust
To be locked away in the securest safe; your heart that's caged
Lest the lock, your blabbering tongue, is opened
With the alluring key of gossip and envy.
Gossip and envy the root of all evils
alice Jun 2014
I sit here and type
the sounds of alcohol
dribble in
through the netting
of my screen.
The pseudo-intellectual noise
of the painfully stupid

I sit here and type
I wait
for the camel to burn.
For his blue feet
to go up in
mighty embers.
Resisting their

I sit here and type
my cat blinks at the
iridescence of nothing;
in it's
The invisible fields;
designs of the

I sit here and type
realities flatten
in lives
Tragedy unfolds
upon more
leaving no
no triumph.

I sit here and type
the Oroboros
eat their own tails;
solidifying their
eternal return
in movements
of blindness;
displaying their
ever-lasting existence.

I sit here and type
domesticated peoples
bypass the phenomena
that is,
our humanity.
Giving in to
temporal compression;
eyes bandaged.

I sit here and type
nothing in particular happens.
The terminally mad
go mad,
the desperate prisoner
remains imprisoned,
the lipstick stains
the mouth
and we all
go on,
as if we weren't
the wiser.
Observations of some girl named Alice. She thinks she's clever.
Through the alcoholic breath
I stumble across my words
I speak tales of life and death
Regard duels of guns and swords

Mumbling about honor and grace
While I can barely easy my pace
I’m walking in circles, once again
Inside the bottle, eased my pain

— The End —