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Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Oopy Doopy, Super Sloopy.
Loopy snoopy, pants apoopy.
Lippy hippy, slippy dippy.
Nasty-nicey, normally snippy.

Loosey goosey, chocolate moussey.
Usually *** goofy as Gary Busey.
Hinky-stinky presidential *****.
Winky-blinky, dangerously stinko.

Hippity hoppy, flippy-floppy
Get a mop, it never stops.
Laughy gaffe-y, riffy-raffy
Face as gross as rotten taffy.

Whammy-bammy, scary scammy
Mammy-jamming Uncle Sammy.
Lumpy-dumpy, far from humpy
******* up future jumpy bumpy.

Glossy boss, a frightful loss
Ungathered moss at twice the cost.
Serious gap while the country naps
****** sap giving us a slap.

Frightening nooses tightening,
Rights denied like summer lightning.
Ignoring Popes and Snopes
Hopeless dopes put us on the ropes.

Immune to our cries, elected guys
Make horrifying decisions most unwise.
Like black magic before all our eyes
We’re leaderless as freedom dies.
Reanna Apr 2015
The pain lingers like
blisters on the bottom of your foot
after walking around Disneyland all day

Where all the memories are beautiful,
but that hurt stays with you
everywhere you go

You know that everything is going to be okay
and the next ride will make you forget
how badly it hurts

But until that next ride you walk the park,
so happy you get to be there,
yet holding in the tears

And as much as the pain has your attention
it was still your most memorable time,
and you would do it all over again
How come we never went to Disneyland?
chloe fleming Oct 2014
tell me something about you,
but don't talk in metaphors.
don't tell me how your eyes shine in similes,
don't use hyperboles to describe the depth of your words.
talk to me like a ******* ******* person.
tell me you love me and hug me so tight till I beg you to stop.
just be with me, please
constantly worrying you'll leave like everyone else

— The End —