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Nylee Nov 2017
It touched my finger tips
but I never got to hold it,
like the way the sand slips
it was lost before I could keep it.
It does not matter now
but yet I mourn,
because it was mine
but will never be mine.
Take me on a journey with you
Make me no longer feel blue
Give me the spark that you do
Give me that light you used to
Take me on a journey with you
To the love of my life that may never come back around again. My love for you is eternal, and true. I wish it was the same with you.
alena Aug 2015
I find it ironic how
We get warnings for how to deal with hurricanes weeks in advance
But you...
No one tells me how to deal with you
You crashed into me
Brought out things in me
That I didnt remember I had
And showed me things I didnt even know about myself
But instead of leaving me like a shell
Like hurricanes do
To homes, towns, entire cities
You left me with wind in my heart
Thunderstorms in my soul

The rain you left behind in your wake wont stop
The wind hitting the walls of my heart whenever i think of you
But youve moved into a different country
Even so You'll be my storm rescue soon enough
how did i get here- odesza
you are why storms are named after people
stuck inside these lines
i’m only trying to find
why you won’t be mine
Aditi Feb 2015
You're the muse behind my every song
You're what connects this body to its soul
The darkest of nights find its dawn in you
You are the eye of the most ferocious storm

Oh, love i think it's time
Oh, love, won't you be mine?
Oh, love, can't you just see
I want the world to see you be with me

You're the goosebumps i get in the middle of the night
You're what the stars have been telling me about
The shyest of flowers bloom at your touch
You are the hope that keeps the fragile thread  by which my sanity hangs from breaking apart

Oh love, I think it's time
Oh, love won't you be mine
Oh, love, can't you just see
I want the world to see you be with me

You are the brokeness that heals itself
You are the words that i have been looking for all along
The most endurable concrete cracks and sprouts where you walk
You are the love that only results from a great deal of suffering

Oh love, I think i it's time
Oh, love won't you be mine
Oh, love, can't you just see
I want the world to see you be with me
One day I won't write about you. One fine day. But that day seems so far  =D so till then, enjoy.
Bryan J Townsend Nov 2014
I just want some one
To hold,
to love,
to be mine,
Valerie Csorba Feb 2014
I apologize if I'm too persistent in telling you that you matter to me and my heart in ways no one ever has. I've become melancholy in the thought of being alone since I have never been treated like anything but a waste of space and values on a clock. Years have gone by since I've felt like I truly existed to anyone for reasons beyond carnal need and emotional comprehension. I'm not accustomed to feeling a purpose. I've become distant from my own mental standpoint and blood-pumping center whereas I can find no direction. I've been abandoned by those who claimed they would never surrender. I've been damaged by those who stated they could never, would never, misuse me.
When you re-arrived in this shattered existence of mine and evaluated me as an actual being with sentimental value, instead of falling apart, I found myself falling together. Every last piece of me discovering the significance of who I am, always have been, and hopefully always will be. I lost multiple opportunities in which I could express to you the amount I care for your entire essence, I could beg to show you now. However, I will do so as you're willing.
You appeared in my life and became a part of the character I never expected to be. "Tu me manques." You are missing from me.
this was for someone who doesn't matter anymore.
Tree Oct 2014
The words you say to me bring me back to the happiest dreams I've had of you, and it's then that I realize they've come true.
This weekend, 10/3-10/5, inspired this.
forgotten Apr 2014
I woke up this morning
My mind consumed by you
I feel a sense of mourning
The death of a mutual love

The birth of a lonesome love
Here I am

— The End —