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calvin schafer May 2018
Twas the month of giving mourned.
the scent of ale seeped  from my pores.
I'll never forget the dreadful day,
I watched my comet fly away.

Now the scent of ale scorned,
days of lights and giving mourned.
Tis now burried beneath the clay,
the brightest comet burned away.

Days of solitude then engulfed me,
how I missed your scent, your sight.
Twas the month after eleven,
as a gift I gave you heaven.
About my bestfriend Comet (a dog) who I had left at home to go to a Christmas party and got too drunk and spent the night away and he managed to escape and got hit by a semi out front of my house.
calvin schafer May 2018
The toddler walks with no grace,
back and forth as he does his waddle.
Sticky somethings upon his face,
happily drinking his bottle.
Once so small wrapped in his swaddle,
looks like mom I can see it clearly,
cute little boy looks like a model.
The one I love so dearly.

The toddler points at his chair,
he knows I understand his need.
I pick him up and put him there,
he knows its time to feed.
I try to help but let him lead,
getting it in his mouth well nearly.
I cant believe this is my seed
the one I love so dearly.

The toddler starts to rub his eyes,
l can almost open my wine.
I sing him gentle lullabies,
I'm thankful that he is mine.
Like an angel he'll always shine,
it is so sad he will grow yearly.
With each step I'll make sure he is fine,
the one I love so dearly.

When he grows up I'll miss the hugs,
I wont wake up so cheerly.
I'll miss him being scared of bugs,
the one I love so dearly.
calvin schafer May 2018
Hey copper bullet tell me where ya gona fly.
Used for target practice or to make another mother cry?
Hey copper bullet whats the sense of your creation?
To **** another young man
to make us a prouder nation?
Hey copper bullet are you used for self defense?
But wasn't it you who had jumped over the fence?
Hey copper bullet is there shame on your face?
If you lay your body down will it make this a peaceful place?
Hey copper bullet why don't you go away?
We need to make a change or youll be here to stay.
calvin schafer May 2018
All of it bleak.
Not the world I remember.
Over run with greed,
not only December.
Taking land from the tribes.
Oil and money.
Filthy ******* bribes.
What's on the TV?
Something else we don't need.
Spending wealth on warfare.
There's more power in a seed.
calvin schafer May 2018
we suckle the **** of the "civilized" world
thats designed for your comfort and your ease.
but we are all blind, hit stop and rewind.
its the shaman that really sees.
umbilical chord to the material world
designed for fleeting satisfaction.
chasing for tomorrow, life that's full of sorrow.
fooled by capitalist distraction.
turn our backs on nature, killing for the dollar. eat some of nature's candy so you can hear the mother hollar. dog eat dog, no more running with the pack. shaman saying he could change the world with the fungus in his sack.
calvin schafer May 2018
The flower of doom
in its bloom
its petals of dollar bills.

— The End —