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and when you leave
the mediocre aspirations of this world
spill through your fingers
like mist
over a black lake
the fumbling despair of your heart
cannot tether you here
alas, life slips by
as a passing shadow
you too,
of little consequence
will fade away
Sarah Crisp Apr 14
The scent of adventure
on the wind
tugs me away from this life

What a tragedy
to be born
in the wrong universe
Sarah Crisp Apr 10
Things will always be the way they are now
So I refuse to believe that
I can change the world
All by myself
I want to make a difference
But then I realise
"It's too hard"
"I won't even try"
Some people say
If we're together, we're stronger
I know in my heart that
This is wrong
And you must agree that
"Failure is worse than death"
I've heard it said again and again
Never trying at all
Is better than
Trying and failing to save the world

Now read from the bottom to the top.
Sarah Crisp May 2019
I wonder what it's like
To feel at home in one's own skin
At all times, and in all places
I feel conspicuous and maudlin
My own mind is against me
I fear my very thoughts
My heart is but a stranger to me
Capricious and withdrawn
From all of this I tremble
Somewhere deep within my soul
For others' sakes, I try a smile,
As I shatter and dissolve
What is life, if not a nightmare
Somewhere hidden in a dream?
I could not wake up if I wanted;
You cannot pinch a phantom's skin
Sarah Crisp Apr 2019
Nights like these should be written about
Summer, the slow count of the clock
A train, rattling, whistling past
Time itself seems to stop
Nights like these deserve poetry
With words far more elegant and sage
These nights make poets of unlikely people
But not of me, I’m afraid

A night like this deserves clarity
But frankly, my mind is a mess
There are words, tangled, on the tip of my tongue
And all others feel meaningless
The truth is too raw to be beautiful
But beauty is so often a lie
This night deserves better poetry; I
Can’t explain what I’m feeling inside
Sarah Crisp Apr 2019
I cannot be this broken thing
Clinging onto you
I've not the happiness to spare
Or share with someone new
My heart is much too fragile
My path too wandering
One day I may feel ready
Right now, I feel worn thin
Too stressed, too blessed, too lonely
To split myself in two
When I'm whole again, I'll find myself
Then, maybe, I'll find you
Sarah Crisp Apr 2019
In the prison of prevention
Living is my only crime
Both the warden and the inmate
Wish to be the perfect child
My parents never gave me rules
They knew I'd never break them
I'd long since forced myself
Into complete cooperation
But lately through security
Has snuck a wild song
It passes like a ghost through
Every wall, though stout and strong
While restlessly, I dream
It steals me wholey from my cage
Sends my spirit out a-dancing
Past the guard in lolling daze
In the morning, I'll awaken
Safe and sound inside my cell
But the key slipped in my pocket?
Now that, I'll never tell ;)
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