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EM Lisard Mar 2020
The Moon is another reminder that you made it through the rough. You can't hate her, can you? Time is fake, man-made to control the seconds but it keeps us tracked to when to pray and when to party.

The Moon is another symbol that we made it and it was not our last. Presences of relief, reinsurance that you will be okay for the sun to tell you to get up.

To get up and survive again.
EM Lisard Mar 2020
You were bait.
I took it.
You tasted sweet but I chased the bitterness to your lips in hopes things would work out for the better.
You were bait.
I took it.
EM Lisard Mar 2020
Hate is a very loose truth to admit when you are talking about someone who can't love you back. Just say your love is poisoned and the venom isn't real.
EM Lisard Mar 2020
You may not have deserved it, you may have deserved it after all.
But everyday is a new day.
You are only human.
You needed to grow from this too.
Wishing my pain on to you will not end the cycle of your carelessness.
I know my heart now.
EM Lisard Mar 2020
The freedom you want to feel is in a pair of dull kitchen scissors.
Cut the dead ends, or  maybe a few inches to prove a point.
Sweep the evidence under the rug, it’s only 4 am this time.
It’s okay, it was just one more thing for you to hide behind.

Bleach it out of your way, paint with colors that will stain your bathroom sink.
Like everything, the stain will fade for a new one to reappear.
Wash it out and stop crying for a minute because the mirror doesn’t lie today.

Everything is fine now.
And that’s the beauty of the most painless thing to change.
Your hair.
EM Lisard Mar 2020
You asked me for a place at my table.
You asked me for the welcome spoons even when all I had were dull knives and plastic forks.
You brought your own place mat and gave me your homemade invitation that listed reasons why you deserve to be at this dinner party I never wanted to have.

But as soon as I pulled the chair out for you, you were no longer hungry.
And you left my dining room.

— The End —