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JeanT Mar 2022
I hear the screams of profanity in your drunk voice from that night

The beating of your fist against the truck window

My own voice pleading for help

The faint sound of blood dripping onto the hardwood floor from your knuckles

And yet, all you hear is silence

It’s not the Silent Treatment

The tears in my eyes are screaming so loud

But you just can’t hear me
I  didn’t think I would ever be in this situation
JeanT Jan 2022
These walls hold the secrets of many before us

They shout the words of anger coming from drunk lips

They bury the cries of the broken hearted

They hold the whispered sweet nothings of lovers

They gleam with laughter of a family

They hum to the silence of a sleeping baby

These walls are painted with the raw emotion of people I’ve never met

I stare at them blankly trying to figure out where to start my story
JeanT Aug 2020
If I told you
I was in love
Would you have to ask

“with who?”
Its you
JeanT Aug 2020
Four years since our last kiss
It was something I didn’t miss
I hadn’t seen you in a while
Until today when I saw your smile
I remembered how I was smitten
It’s too bad our Love was forbidden...
I need closure
JeanT Apr 2019
Screaming at the top of my lungs.

Gasping for air.

“Please stop!”

You caught me, I’m ticklish
Did I surprise you?
JeanT Apr 2019
Our love was temporary
you blinded me.
My eyes are open
Now I can see.
The smoke has cleared
I am finally free.

blind love
leave me don't love me
JeanT Feb 2018
He crawled deep within her soul and made a home out of cobwebs and broken pieces

Oh how beautiful she truly was
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