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Gavin Barnard Jun 2017
I'm not strong physically,
I'm not well disciplined,
I'm awful at managing money,
And have underwhelming hygene habits.

I'm so lost in my imagination
Its hard to wake up sometimes,
And I speak like a baby mouse
Who's inflicted with Tourette Syndrome.

I'm nothing like the man you deserve,
Borderline beta male, part time NEET,
Would rather starve than socialize to eat,
So what is it that you see in me?
NEET stands for Not Employed, Educated, or Trained.
TK May 2017
Hand in hand.

They travel at a steepening 120km/h

With deep minds,
Wearing warped thoughts.

Day after day,
The battle takes its toll.

The once sparkling blue in her eyes,
Now a dulled grey.

The contagious smiles that once beamed
From cheek-to-cheek, now forced and exhausted

Soul mates.
Their love stronger than any word could describe.
Windows rolled down
Her dark hair blows violently in the wind.

They both wear a pair of shades
Despite the lack of sunshine

In true purpose,
Of hiding their shared pain.

A moment before they descend
Sunglasses are lifted off,

Tears roll down their cheeks
Whilst they simply smile,

He lifts his hands off the wheel  
Caressing one another,

Lips on lips
The car takes flight,

For a moment lasting forever in their eyes.

The car flips off the bridge,

And in seconds both of them die
In peace forever is where they lie.
Deniz Demiriz Apr 2017
I was
Filled with you to the brim.
Every bone, every marrow
Every living part of me
buzzed with your existence.

I was
Consumed by your eyes,
your mouth.
By your teeth
that sank into my flesh
tearing skin, pulling me in.
And closer
Until I poured myself into you
becoming a river you could not withstand.
The crying roar
The churning waves
The liquorice tides
seeped through like cotton
soaking every part of you,
poisoning every ligament
rotting you from within.
I spent you bit by bit.

You are not to blame, darling
for leaving
i am
an endless river
and you
                                       should get far far away
June, 2016
insomniatrical Mar 2017
The pain I feel when I see your name show up in my contacts.

I become expressionless like stone, then I shatter.

I was up until 4 a.m. last night,

You guessed it, crying.

From 11 to 4,

I cried.

Six hours I cried,

And hours before, I died.

But getting the news in public,

The news that you were leaving me

You were leaving me again, another time,

It was too much for me to handle and I broke.

My eyes teared up, and I ran off into my head again.

I will never say to your face how much I cried over you.

And trust me if you come around again I'll likely take you back.

Because I'm stupid, and I don't learn my lesson when it's taught to me.

I'd take you back despite the pain and I'd take you back through everything.

I suppose I'm just as weak when it comes to you as you are when it comes to lying.
Kit John Parish Dec 2016
I'm sick of being sick of everything

deep red, it burns a hole into my skull

original right? four in the morning, I bet you're crying now
you alienate your friends and revere drug abuse
how ******* original

39, 40, 41, only son, nothing done, faulty one
63, 64, 65, tricky lives, slicker knives, I'm sick, I lie
98, 99, 100, and I dread, and how red, I'm brain dead
Shianne Michelle Oct 2016
I never wanted
To be the girl
Who wanted anything more
Than a friendship
But here I am
Head on the chest
Of nothing less
Than the love
Of my life.
Kai Myers Jul 2016
Let me sleep
Let me eat
Let me forget
The taste of you and the smell of alcohol on us both

Let me shower again
Let my dreams not be filled with you
Let the “harmless” teasing stop
Because everyone believes its harmless but I really can't get you out of my head

Let my thoughts be free
Let me feel okay again
Let my skin feel like mine
Without the ghost of your hands all over it

It was nice
It was not supposed to happen
Let it go away
Let me move on
Let it be okay to keep talking to you
Without it seeming awkward or wrong

Let It Be....
July 4th, 4am....
Diba May 2016
He used to tell me “what if one day you wake up in a room full of all the people who wanted to love you but you were too scared to get hurt, so you pushed them away.”
My heart’s been empty for so long, i wonder if the ghosts miss you too.
I just wanted someone to be there when i stopped hurting.
I keep it all inside cause it’s the saddest place to hide.
He told me that the walls I built up will never be broken down.
No one ever tried.
No one ever showed me that there was a reason to love.
I just need someone to make me feel again; or at least like i matter.
I’ve spent my whole life running,
why won’t anyone ask me to stay?
Why didn’t you want me to stay?
You were the ocean, and i was the girl who was in love with the sea, but was too scared to swim. The empty space where my heart used to be is aching.  
No matter how far my mind wanders i am never able to stop it from clinging back to the dark shadows i try so hard to keep at bay; but when the waves crash back to the shore, my thoughts drown me, in ways you never could.
Diba Apr 2016
You just don’t get it.
Maybe you never will. Maybe I shouldn’t expect you to.
You just don’t understand.
Tired of all the noise in my head, when someone says your name or I think of you, until it gets so quiet I wish I never loved you.
Memorizing the way your lips curl when you say “I love you” doesn’t mean a thing anymore.
I keep having this dream where I’m in a room full of people who ever loved me and they’re all ghosts of you saying “I never loved you” over and over.
I wake up choking on your name.
Tired of wondering if you think of me when it rains, or before you fall asleep.
Maybe i’ll never know.
Maybe you’ll never get it.
I wish you understood.
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