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sanch kay Jun 2015
always the lurking spirit in a room bursting with life,
always the voice sewing together the silent screams of the night.
sanch kay Jun 2015
in a
room full of
mirrors that reflect my
blank face back at me.
of loneliness.
sanch kay May 2015
Your words are the kind of words
(with the rhythm of a heartbeat)
That I'd want
wrapped around me at night
filtering through me at dawn.
your body is the kind I'd like to
spend some nights
writhing together in pure ecstacy,
crazy in love *
and others cuddled up and cosy
each touch a *hey hello I love you

as together we enter a universe
that's just *ours.
Hello, handsome. I miss you and our tent by the forest.
sanch kay May 2015
The only trouble with expectation is,
it crawls invisibly into your skull and
paints vivid pictures in your brain and
promises your heart happiness and
gets you to actually trust someone and
makes you wait for something you should be able to give yourself (but can't) and
snakes around your chest and
crushes you with its full weight when

oops, did I say 'only'?
sanch kay May 2015
who cares*
how brightly
the sun shines?
all I need
is to be
by the depth of
the elusive
sanch kay Apr 2015
What I said:
What I meant:
I've missed you.
What I said:
"How was your day?"
What I meant:
I wish it had been with me.
What I said:
"Want a smoke?"
What I meant
Want to lower the smokescreen a little, love?
What I said:
"I'm hungry. Do you have food?"
What I meant:
I trust you despite my immense security about my body.
What I said:
"Meet me?"
What I meant:
I cannot sleep when I'm not in your arms.
What I said:
What I meant:
*I really, really lo-like you.
sanch kay Apr 2015
will I
ever get to
be with you in
the bright sunlight, or is
The idea of you and me a concept -
Two people who are only
allowed to be with
each other in
the dark

— The End —