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Ally Nov 2016
I woke up next to an angel today and I thanked a God I never believed in
He smiled at me and I knew I had finally reached heaven through a boy with beautiful brown eyes behind crooked glasses
He whispers in my ear it's a prayer i know by heart, dancing through my mind
And when he says he loves me it's every single hymn wrapped into one beautiful melody
He is my religion, my saviour, my love.
Ally Nov 2016
He's the beginning and the end, all at once.
The first stretch when you wake up in the morning and the feeling of finally crawling into bed after a long day.
He's everything wrapped into one: passion, fire, heartache, joy, sadness, and the kind of love that makes you lose your mind.
He's all of those things that you never knew could feel so sharp, hitting you all at once, cutting into your lungs while you whisper "he's so ******* beautiful"
And I knew with one touch that he'd be the beginning and the end of everything.
Ally Nov 2016
You are the dreams I can't wake up from
And the hand I want to hold
You're warm tea on a cold winter night
And the sound of crunching fall leaves
You're the one I want to come home to
And the song I want to sing
You're the reason that I'm smiling
And you're everything to me.
Ally Aug 2016
Don't give yourself away
Not to him, not tonight
To someone you loved
Swear you don't anymore.
To someone you hated
Swear you did.

Don't give yourself away
Unless you wanna
Unless his hands act like magnets
Pulling you closer, pulling you slow.
And if he makes a promise
You better promise to take it with salt.
Ally Aug 2016
There's something about learning lessons
Maybe the repetition of failing:
Texting your ex while you're drunk, while you're sad, while you're anxious.
Maybe the constant feeling of doubt:
Does he miss you too? Is it all in your head? Should I send another text? Call?
Maybe the heart wrenching truth:
He opens your messages but he won't respond, he doesn't love you anymore, he doesn't think about you nearly as much as you do him.
Maybe it's the bandaids you wear:
Getting drunk with your friends but not texting him this time, not crying tonight.
Maybe it's the lesson you've learned:
You're nobody's but your own, start acting like it.
Ally Aug 2016
I was yours
Two summers ago
When the days were long
and the nights lasted forever
But forever ends when fall rolls in
Love dies like the leaves
On September nights

You were mine
That one Christmas eve
Spent on the floor of your living room
Exchanging gifts with wide smiles
And beating hearts
But the new year brings new pain
and new heartache

I was yours and you were mine
But nothing lasts forever
Not love or pain or laughter or tears
So I am mine and you are yours
And someday we will come to peace
With the love we laid to rest
Ally Jul 2016
Still not sure how you can feel so lonely with so many people who love you but here I am
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