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  May 2018 Sean Murray
Angie Marcano
I’m sorry.
My beautiful stanzas,
For not keeping in touch with you.
Somewhere along the way
I abandoned you.
And never wrote back.

I’m sorry.
My sweet verses
I have not forgotten you.
I have only forgotten the feelings in you.
And my heart can't bear to remember.

I’m sorry.
Meaningless Haikus.
I thought I could make some sense out of you.
But I will always be a few words away
from finishing you.

I’m sorry.
Untitled works.
You are amazing.
But I couldn’t give you what you deserved.
I left you raw.

I’m sorry.
That I scroll past you.
That I am to forgetful to finish you.
But to proud to erase you.

I’m sorry.
That while you remain
unfinished and unpublished.
I continue giving birth to
New works and
New ideas.

I will finish you one day.
Not today.
Not now.
But someday.
And until that day,

I’m so sorry.
It's not you, it's me.
It's definitely me.
Sean Murray Mar 2018
Oh, how I love to fight the man
But so do all my biggest fans!
Birdies marching "tweet, tweet, tweet"
Resenting those who paved that street
Sean Murray Mar 2018
I know you do
that's the way that you get noticed
but it doesn't have to be that way
--just thought that you should know this
Sean Murray Mar 2018
Life does not get better
Luckily, you do

I know you have the strength
Even though you don't believe me
Are you questioning everything?
Well, that's pretty ******' easy

Don't let the the rude
World of words, like mine, hurt

Understand, no one cares
So it's important that you work

To make yourself better
Because you are better
You're a hero
In a hammock
It's just that you don't know it

Understand that ignorance
Won't bring gifts of bliss for long

Understand that you're not different,
You really are not ---

But you will not understand
Because you cannot YET

In a few years you'll step back
and see
and laugh

And smack your head
And smile

And despite the disbelief you'll feel
Nostalgic for these day

You'll be happy for that
Soul that you portrayed

And you will know
It's gotten worse
But you...
You are doing just okay
Love ya'll
Sean Murray Jan 2018
Thieves, thieves.
Christ are we petty.

Could not have imagined
such a death
Such a short-sited
venomous slip of the mind
such a death-toll...
so unpredicted-ably sad to see
            A mighty species

That's the fate of the fate-less, I guess
Our gods were a faceless
of derangement
Massive enough to take us to space.
What we've plucked from out of our souls
We can never replace

Such as it is, we have no chance
Put to death.
****** and detached.
That's how it ends

We write out
these sorrows
that aren't really sorrows
Pin the tasteless love to our chests

Oratorical ****-hoarding
Trade-card victims
with no actual dignity left.

How embarrassing..
the glory of man-kind
To face a demise,
so mundane.

Forsaken by lies.

Our souls have been neutered and
Turned into tools for
Prostitution-alized fools

Love for the luscious
the rush of the snarling
Hysterical rousings of
Tumultuous twerps.

This is the way that history ends.

Resting in our dreams.
Sorry for my last post,
I was drunk and tired and just slammed out a bunch of craziness.
I'm not going to delete it though because I stand by my point... whatever that might be.
Sean Murray Jul 2017
I plan on leaving this world

The same way I came into it;

Squirming violently, naked  

And that earsplitting squawk,

The one that screams;

  ‘Get me out the **** out of this place!’
Sean Murray Jul 2017
I’ve never seen God

Only my Father:

**** in his beak,  

    Stale circus peanuts in


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