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Sarah Mann Dec 2018
(for you, tf.)
“Tell me all of the things that make you feel lovely.”
You whisper to my longing ears
As we quietly barrel down this highway road.
Silence follows us like a dark cloud.
Predicting our next steps, and our doomed fates.
You stay until my heart has calmed and slowed.
I feel safe when I’m with you.
Like there’s a pocket of falling sunlight,
Hidden away from the cruel broken skies,
All by itself, somehow sustained. Glowing.
Nothing in the world could interrupt you and I.

Do you remember the time I spent waiting?
The time we spent in love.
Together. Wandering, learning, living.
The way your hands held mine until they stopped shaking.
I miss you, and the beauty, and wonder of it all.
Especially your endless blue eyes and charming smile
That made my fears seem small,
That told me everything was going to be alright,
It was going to be okay. Perhaps you were wrong.
You told me that I make you feel like you’re floating.
Like the earth has lost its’ gravity, its’ presence
All that used to be of its’ essence
And we are the only two, left behind.
To enjoy each other’s company for eternity.

“Lovely, what a lovely word.”
What a terrible world to take that away.
A list, of all the things that make you happy.
I hope to God that I would be on that list too.
Because to me, you shined brighter than the stars
And kinder than the waves.
I hope you can hear me, where you are.
If so, I love you. And thank you for showing me
What life really is, and what it can be.
And if not, it’s okay. Right now, it’s difficult.
But, I know we were never meant to be infinite.
July 2, 2018.
Written from the perspective of Violet Markey from All the Bright Places. The death of Theodore Finch really stuck with me for several days after I finished reading. I miss him dearly and his quirky personality.
arra Jun 2018
Under the big old tree
I sit there quietly
Reading new book I found
Diving into world I thought I belong

Once, I was Hannah Baker
Sharing my secret story
This is my truth about you
What is your truth about me?

I envy Ponnyboy
He had lots of friends
And one true friend
A reason to stay gold in the end

And I know the feeling of Samantha McAllister
Looking for a place where you belong
A place where your voices are heard
I found my Poet's Corner

Then I dreamed just liked Lara Jean
That someday, I will find true love
Someone will help me conquer my fear
Someone who will give me life

But I guess I am Finch
Love will never save me
I keep on breathing
But I know will be drown

But just like Rufus and Mateo
Tho I know how I'm going to end
I don't want to meet it
I'm still afraid to die
Hi there! Probably you noticed that my reference here are characters from some of YA Novels. Actually these are SOME of my long list favorite YA novels. These books have seriously discussed mental illness and issues. And I can spend a whole day for you just to talk about these books —Just prepare a coffe and pasta for me <3
Hey, mind to share your favorite YA Novels, I'm actually looking for a new books to read :)
Therese Syang May 2018
We started confused
Blank, Pained and Unsure

We have our own excuse
To Live,  To Ask,  To Love

On that Bell Tower ledge we met; Same thoughts...
To Fall, To End, To Let go

I dragged you away
Showed you the real way
Helped you come back again
And Kept you from pain

We wandered all the Bright Places
The Mountains...
The Churches...
The River...
The Lake...

Even the Blue Hole where we date

As time passes by I healed you from sore
And my Feelings grew more
So as the pain, the ache
And the uncertainties we break

We both fell from with in
And you tried to keep me out of the pain
Yet It was as heavy as sin
That I can't bear to feel

You held on
But I let go
You did not know
That I ended so

I know It'll cause you Pain
And I may never be seen
But my heart, my soul and my memory of you
Will forever be and always be
with you.

You are brave, please believe...
This is inspired by the book 'All The Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven. I consider it as my all time favorite book. The story is painful, lovely and real. A-must-read book.

This poem is based on Finch's Point of View (Finch is the lead male character of the story)
typicalteentale May 2015
People are like flowers.
                                                        ­              He
Some have more petals.
                                                         ­            Just
Some less.
                                                           ­     Found
Some live longer.
                                                         ­           That
Some don't.
                                                          ­        Other
It may be nature withering it away.
                                                           ­      World.
Or it could be a sudden fatal storm.
Quote to the right is from 'All The Bright Places', which is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! Whoever is reading this, please go read it like-NOW.

— The End —