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rosecoloredpoet Sep 2018
I only write when I'm sad
Does that make me mad?
When I wish to be dead
And all these holded tears are shed
I turn to poetry and suddenly life's not as bad
I don't know what I would do without it
rosecoloredpoet Sep 2018
I don't know how much I can take
I fear eventually I'll break
Trying to hold the broken pieces of your heart and soul
But it's all so heavy
This weight I have to carry

What if my hands give up and let you go?
I don't want to let you go..
You need to try too
I can't fix you by myself even though I really want to
Happiness is a choice and I can't make that decision for you
Please just help me fix you
Promise me you'll try
I love you more then anything
rosecoloredpoet May 2018
Watching sunsets with you is the thing that I could do for the rest of my lifetime
I don't need anything else
rosecoloredpoet May 2018
Inside you there's a soul
So beautiful yet so torn
Baby let me love away the pain
Being with you is the only thing that's keeping me sane
We'll get through all of this together
You should know that I'm here for you whenever
Because you're my priority
Let's grant eachother serenity
  Apr 2018 rosecoloredpoet
Kim Essary
Dancing merely along,  my hair blowing in the warmth of the sun,  through the ever green meadow as the softness of grass tickle my bare toes .
This burning bliss of freedom caressing my body like the silken feathers of a swan. Dancing along no worries to hold me down. Closing my eyes , my senses aroused by the sweet scent of  luscious Jasmine in the air.  Nature has it's way of healing our souls, wind blowing the worries from my head, followed by the rain to wash them away, The sunshine comes to dry the rain as the moon awaits another day .
Fresh air works wonders to open your mind
  Apr 2018 rosecoloredpoet
Dua Kim
When I get home
Wash off my makeup
Take off my fancy clothes
Look into the mirror
And see myself for the first time today.
One broken girl
Is who I really am
I'm full of cracks
And soon to fall apart.

Would you love me, even when I'm so broken?
Would you keep me, even though I'm so cracked?
Or will you abandon me, when you find out the truth
And leave disgusted by the truth?

Are you willing to love the shy, broken girl
Instead of the outgoing, popular one?
Will you love me to the core
Or do you only love my outside?
Will you love my true self
Or do you only love my mask?
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