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Beauty surrounds you everywhere
Everyone sees it,
Yet you are blind
It is a shame that you cannot see beyond your hatred

Does love comes in shapes

or colors or taste

like a ripe peach in summer?

Does it carry a sound

like the wind on the trees

or the waves when they crash

on the rocks by the shore?

Maybe love demands pay

like a red district *****

and it leaves us in shame

all alone in the night,

all alone in the day

as it goes somewhere else,

without taste,

without sound,

for if love comes in shapes

or in colors or taste

it is one never found-

January 21, 2020
“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”
― Anais Nin
Standing at attention; a body in tension

A life given momentum

A life lived so intense with nowhere to run

Except forward, reaching toward the Sun

With goals too high, they called me Icarus

Telling me I’d burn, they hated on us

Telling me it's for the best, they gave up on us

Saw themselves as wise; thought themselves Daedalus

But I see things differently

I don’t take this life too seriously

Why be afraid of getting burnt

When we’re all going to be buried in the dirt

If I were to be burned by my passion

At least I could have a last moment of fun

Because I’d rather die doing what I love

Than feel the regret of giving up
A long calm
Wave rolls
And reflects a bit of
I think we're
Getting there
Who speaks in dreams?
He ascended in the blink of an eye!!
In the cold winter dawn!!, where the sunshine was missing!!
The dawn of his death was dark cold dawn!!
The tempers lost in the mouth of the dying day,
The roads were deserted, the city turned muted !!
The citizens were glued to the TV screens waiting and praying with a slight belief in their hearts repeating he is alive!!!!
He disappeared in the blink of an eye!!
Between the melancholic announcement and the rumors !!
We were all drowning in the sea of tears.
And with thousands of raindrops, we prayed to the Almighty Allah to let his soul rest in peace and grant him to the highest place in heaven....
There was one,
Infinite and singular.
Who split in two.
One was the mother.
One was the son.
One was the father
One was the daughter too.
One pulls strings from the null
And played a tune
So one would sleep,
Dreaming of the song,
Of stars across the dark sky,
And a thousand sparkling eye
To see them through.
"He cannot be established, he is not made. He himself is the Supreme Being."
-Guru Granth Sahib Japu 5–9
(Translation by Earnest Trumpp)
Upon mine press your lips
Tickle my nerves to sweeter a bliss
Eyes on my gaze popping your kiss
Hand on my neck and mine on your hips.
Wordless you speak and nod a tick
Shivering a bit like nature's best kick
Rearing to keep and flying a week
Land of rivers and seas a way of click.
Sighs on sighs tightens my grip
Yours to keep and mine to keep
In my arms you dream asleep
Wordless you are and fairer a keep.
Let me hold you,
On the reigns of tides,
Very much into my heart,
Eternally on the shores of life!

Lost smiles may fizzle,
On the eve of every drizzle.
Vanishing in thin air,
Enormous clouds of despair.

Looming are some fading stars,
Over you and me in the  yarns,
Vending out the fiber of fellings,
Every beat keeps closer weavings.
My brother is a poet
he plays with words and rhyme
most days he thinks he’s funny
but doesn't think ALL the time

one day he wrote a letter
to a girl I secretly like
then signed my name below
‘With love - Mystery Mike’

which wasn't much of a mystery
other than my brother wrote it
the girl will assume the letter's from me
when really my brother's the poet

“Dear Pretty” it read
though ‘pretty’ was not her name
makes me wanna chuck now
when I think about how lame'

I like you.
I hope you
like me too.
And if he
was me,
I’d take you
to a movie.
...If you like.

(you, guessed it)
Mystery Mike

and there you have it...
this mystery case is closed
my stupid brother messed a line,
leaving me red faced
and exposed!

now, I may not have won her heart
but I did win myself a date
whether she got the note
or threw it out
or whether it was fate

I did take a pretty girl to a movie
just not my blue eyed Kitty
for her sister found the note
thinking she was the one called "Pretty".
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