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How many drafts of our lives have we lived before this one?

How many versions of myself did I actually Love?

How many times could I sincerely say I know what Happiness is?

This life has been one of clarity and certainty
I know what Love is and isn’t, of myself and for others
I realize now that Happiness is not a constant, its just not possible
But the moments of cheer and smiles are what that feeling is supposed to be

I believe I’m in one of my final chapters
Perhaps even the epilogue

Whichever it may be, my soul is definitely much closer to peace

I’m looking forward to the final draft
Every time I see you, I’m captivated by you,
Imagine an Orchid growing through thorns,
Amidst the briers and pains of this life,
A flower as lovely as you was born,

Know, your smile’s my reason to smile,
I’d endure many seasons, walk many miles
To be near you, if only for a short while,
My heart could bear the trial,

But what it can not do, or live through:
Searching for what it can not find,
My puzzled heart’s in a bind, it seems,
It can’t judge reality from the dream—

The dream: plant you in my heart’s garden,
Reality: you’ll flourish right where you are,
For you are a lovely Orchid,
To be admired solely from afar.
 Oct 2020 Rickie Louis
I am created to see the beauty in you,
But sometimes I wonder if it's still true.
Your eyes, your nose, the color of your skin - everything about you is perfect.
However, your thoughts differ from what I reflect.

I am made to show you how extraordinary you are,
How your features set you apart.
You are who you are - there's nothing bizarre!
You're a masterpiece, a finely crafted work of art.

Sadly, I'm just here to portray - to be an aid,
Hanged on a wall and be displayed.
At the end of the day, I ask you this question:
Are you truly happy or is it all just deception?
What if a mirror could talk? What would it say? In this poem, I imagined a personified mirror.
 Oct 2020 Rickie Louis
Ivy Chakma
To be forgiving is the hardest,
But the sweetest gift to the self.
 Oct 2020 Rickie Louis
you ever wish you could click erase
press restart
to help yourself
move forward in life
without feeling like you’ve left something
far behind you
but to live in the past
is to never experience the present
even with all the opportunities in the world
i would trade
in exchange for being nonexistent
never mentioned
never accepted.
When walls become your imprisonment,
A no win scenario with a raging sickness,
You miss your camera capturing snapshots of life passing by.

You are one in a collective of people, holding each other metaphysically to barricade the vulnerable, this is more than just you.

You pace, you pass time, and you precise your ideas of freedom,
You may even do a painting or two,
A Tik Tok while the clock ticks.

Reflections of your most inner turmoil surface,
Pressures of life continuing with you boxed and it builds

When you just can't take it any more,
You bash against the door, striving for that one touch, one feeling of hope you will break free of the airborn seel

The door opens



is  sprayed on your steps, and in your mind.

You would  do everything to chase the sunrise as it greets you again
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