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 Aug 2015 Ozioma Ogbaji
Earl Jane

You are a really good fisherman,

And I am just but a foolish fish,

                                                       ­                      Preposterously bitten your hook,
                                                    With your bait of feigned love attached to it,


                                   Piercing it all the way to my heart,

                  Leaving me wounded with all of those prevaricates I've fell for,

But I don't know why,

                            I still love the feeling,

                                         That you've been jumping in gladness,

                                             That you've finally caught me,

Even though I was hardly breathing,

               'Cause you've taken  me away from the place,

                                  That makes me breathe and gives me joy.

                                 It somehow gives me relief,

                 Seeing the auspicious sun,

Brightly gleaming into my beautiful scales,

Not knowing it was just a start of a baleful Gehenna!

                    I should've known all along that it's just an entice!

                              But I am still blessed,

           'Cause I have manage to escape,

                                While damaging and harming myself in the process,

From the jailhouse that you've locked me in.

                                                      ­From then on,

              You've learned a lesson,


And use NET instead.

                       © Earl Jane
                         ♥ E.J.C.S.
When you put on a smile and laugh
No one can see the misery inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
The hurt you  feel remains trapped inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
You mask the bitterness you feel inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
No one can see the emptiness inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
Your shattered heart seems whole inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
The pain you endure remains trapped inside

When you put on a smile and laugh
You make sure no one sees you
                                                             ­      ...........Dying a little inside.
What I'm feeling everyday my friends
 Aug 2015 Ozioma Ogbaji
Washing my hands clean of the marks I no longer want to see.
What do you hate?
Or is it...

Then you should also hate...

The ocean
The rains
The clouds
The flowers
The sun
The stars
The moon
The birds
The breeze
The rose
(the list goes on...)

And most probably
Your beauty too...!
At night, everything is alive
My emotions deepen
My fears shrink
My imagination runs wild
At night, a brighter me comes out
My love is stronger
My ambitions are taller
My vision is clearer
At night, I feel safe
Because no one can see me
The darkness covers my flaws
The darkness covers my fears
The darkness covers the walls in front of me
Black is all I see
All I need
Once the sun comes up
Everything comes out
All my flaws
All my fears
All my walls
At night, is when I’m at peace
on the road
trying to lose her

i found you
 Apr 2015 Ozioma Ogbaji
i like to think i'm okay
i'm not the only one that hurts
others have it way worse
it just wasn't meant to be
every thing happens for a reason
time heals all wounds


as i watch the sun set
and the sky become dark
the stars take me back to
each night i spent in your arms
my mind becomes flooded
with haunted memories of lovely days
and i forget to remember all those
logical things
because all i remember is you
 Apr 2015 Ozioma Ogbaji
Bas Aeon
Close your eyes dry your tears
Trust yourself
Though it's killing you inside
Listen to your heartbeat
Time flies and memories stays astray
You married your past ache
Truth may vary your best
But love conquer the rest
True feelings can be felt
Until the end
True love waits
When you truly love someone no matter how far the distance you will keep it safe.
As the world puts on its coat
we step into an old photograph
forever frozen in time,
waiting for the bell to chime
looking back as all turns to stone
futures unfold in the blink of an eye
opening gambits and unlit cigarettes
laying alone in the darkness
with only tears and regrets.
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