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harlee kae Aug 2020
maybe love isn’t passion
and flaming fires
and stolen glances

maybe it’s choosing you daily
and giving unlimited

maybe it’s early brunches
and evening dog walks

rather than secret car meetings
and drunken late talks

maybe love is 9 mile hikes
when it starts to rain

and maybe it’s not messages
that cause everyone pain

maybe it’s me and you
maybe it’s you and me
maybe the love we have
is how it’s meant to be

harlee kae May 2020
the night air
against my skin
will remind me
i can still feel
harlee kae Feb 2020
two quick words
and out the door
tell me what
i'm living for

i love yous
shut in my face
like it's my fault
you have to race

off to your work
while i am alone
and you can't even manage
to pick up the phone

i guess i just miss
getting to tell
the things from my day
that went really well


i'm not good at silence
and it's all in my head
so many things
always unsaid


i'm not good at friends either
so alone i will stay
and suffer in silence
until the new day
harlee kae Jan 2020
so many times i've said i'm a vault
i'm a lock with no key
that i'm hidden away
and it would take a miracle
for someone to get to me

but that's not it
that's not ******* it at all

i'm surrounded by people
so many people i can't move
crying out for someone to listen
but they don't even look my way

i'm not a vault
i'm an open book
that no one cares to read
harlee kae Jan 2020
new year
overcast sky
cold surrounds me
i want to cry

i try to be different
i try to find change
but embracing joy
is foreign and strange

living's still hard
when will that stop
i submit to the challenge
to not be a prop

in my own life
i will take back the lead
i will rattle the stars
seek adventures i need
crazy that the first two paragraphs were written before counseling and the last after.. close your eyes. breathe. find someone to talk to and live your life.
harlee kae Nov 2019
this chest is like a vault
and i threw away the key
so you never really get to know
this misunderstood me

i'd rather keep who i am buried
all my real thoughts deep inside
then give you time to hate it
i guess i got too much pride

but it's scary
cause this vault has cracks
so sometimes i start to show
and the person that you get to see
isn't someone you want to know
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