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harlee kae Sep 28
i stare up
stretch my arms above my head
try to breathe the stars
into my lungs
as they surround me with their vastness
and make me feel so alive
yet so alone

but i think i saw one shooting
and maybe that's a sign
that they shine, not in spite,
but for me
harlee kae Sep 22
i'm laying down
on the floor
on my back
in a never ending room

i'm the only one there
and it's spinning
or the world's spinning
or i'm spinning

and it's black
and i can't escape.
harlee kae Aug 21
august, again.
and i'm in a different bed
and a different house
but the same tears fall
as they did a year ago.

and last year they were from
the stress and frustration
of the kids who felt it their life mission
to ignore every word from my lips

this year
from the absence of such.

because best friends with pigtails and converse
just don't come around that often.
harlee kae Jul 30
look up
they're limitless
so small i am
but they give me

close my eyes. breathe.
they're a part of me
i can almost feel them now

rattle them down
i will
harlee kae Jul 10
and honestly
i feel at peace
and so happy
for the first time
in a long time
i feel me
and i'm proud to be
and i feel us
i feel our trust
back to where we should be
harlee kae Jul 4
when the choices you make are hurting
both you and someone you love
and your feelings feel like a burden
how do you know what's right?
when you feel like your thoughts should be said
and you feel like they need to be heard
but there's so much **** in your head

when you want everyone to be happy
but you don't know what that means
and you dont know which path is right
or which one follows your dreams
harlee kae Jun 27
the little girl
licks her ice cream cone
as chocolate drips down her chin

someday she could be president
or a doctor
someday she might get her heart broken
or buy a car
or dye her hair
a crazy color

but today
she sits by her dad
slurping ice cream
and her world is both
infinitely small
and limitless
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