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Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
My back hurts so bad,

But nobody will help,

Please let me die now.
A haiku about being a girl.
  Sep 2015 Jaclyn Jackomis
people romanticize self-harm
as if it's nothing special
and really, no one is alarmed
everyone's stopped being careful

it's not just about the blood
it really eats your heart out
the suffering makes your head flood
and everything seems so loud

you can't just seek pitiful attention
saying "oh, look, i'm depressed"
you really do deserve a lecture
because the real deal would say so much less

cutting ruins your body
it also pierces your soul
you seek a friend or just anybody
but you always end up alone

the cup of coffee in the morning
is the only thing keeping you alive
the rest of the time you're crying
trying to get thoughts out of your mind

you've got a stash of blades
hiding under your bed
today your sister got engaged
and you might end up dead

you try to down twenty pills
with a chug of burning *****
maybe then you'd see flowery hills
but it's just likely to cause you trauma

you stare at your own blank wall
trying to find a slimmer of hope
and nobody's there to watch you fall
as you exit this life with some dope
having dealt with self-harm problems myself, i understand and empathize the current confusion and a somewhat "hype" poor teenagers have. some may disagree, but it's really just my perspective.
  Sep 2015 Jaclyn Jackomis
sanch kay
of course* i want to die
i think of it every
second every minute every hour.

and now you've all begun to
ask questions,
whisper behind my back, she
looks dead;

has the lord of the underworld staked
his claim over
me *already?
is it my time to go? (please say yes).
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
I wish everything was dfferent. That you had loved me and still did. That I didn't want to **** myself every second of the day. That my mother didn't say the wounding things she says. That my father had a backbone to tell her to stop. That you and I could talk. But everything in my life seems so...agonizingly hard.
  Sep 2015 Jaclyn Jackomis
Amber K
The sad thing is,
if I love someone,
they can hurt me for no logical reason,
and I will still try to figure out what I did wrong.

I blame myself.
I can't help but blame myself.
It doesn't matter what happens,
it always feels like it's my fault.

It's like someone could decide to stab me in the chest,
and I'd spend my last moments trying to comprehend what I did.
I can't find blame in others as much as I can find blame in myself.
Because I don't particularly care for myself.

Maybe it's because growing up,
I was taught to love other's,
but not so much to love myself.
but it's no one's fault I ended up this way.

No one could've predicted I'd be so messed up.
Maybe I did it to myself.
After all,
I am always to blame.
I have a lot of issues. I'm sorry my poetry is such crap. I just have to vent.
  Sep 2015 Jaclyn Jackomis
Nicole Dawn
Does living
So you don't disappoint anyone
As a will to live?
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