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Oct 2017 · 340
Fuck you fox
Jaclyn Jackomis Oct 2017
**** I miss you
This isn't fair.
Jan 2016 · 617
Jaclyn Jackomis Jan 2016

the only thought left inside
Sep 2015 · 1.9k
Goodbye my almost lover
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
I'm finally moving on,

At one point you were my world, beautiful and full of wonders.

But now you're becoming more of a memory.

I'll never forget you and the things I've done.

But now I can say I'm moving on.
Sep 2015 · 786
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
I love you.
I hate you.
I love your smile.
I hate what you did to me.
Sep 2015 · 878
Fuck Mother Nature
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
My back hurts so bad,

But nobody will help,

Please let me die now.
A haiku about being a girl.
Sep 2015 · 725
I wish..
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
I wish everything was dfferent. That you had loved me and still did. That I didn't want to **** myself every second of the day. That my mother didn't say the wounding things she says. That my father had a backbone to tell her to stop. That you and I could talk. But everything in my life seems so...agonizingly hard.
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
I sit up at night and wonder,

Was it worth it?

Of one thing I'm sure,

It wasn't and I feel like ****.
Sep 2015 · 441
6 feet under
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
please come back, i miss your face

or 6 feet under i will grace
Sep 2015 · 292
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
rain, rain, go away

youre ruining my day

with me here all sad and weary

you aren't helping being oh so dreary
Sep 2015 · 259
12:16 pm and I'm still sad
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
i want to be loved,
not left.
Sep 2015 · 367
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
not talking to him is so hard
i feel myself falling, falling apart
Please come back
Sep 2015 · 254
11:45am on a Saturday
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
Death won't you come for me?

I'm miserable

That's easy to see
Sep 2015 · 662
Death By Man
Jaclyn Jackomis Sep 2015
The moment your hand left mine,

was the moment i knew i’d never be fine.

“I wish i’d never met you,”

I’m not even sure if that statement is true.

You’re the gaping hole in my heart,

slowly, but surely ripping me apart.

If you ever ask me if i’m okay,

Lies are all I’d be able to say.

Some nights i cry and scream your name,

I doubt you ever do the same.

My heart is guarded by a brick wall,

But when I’m with you the bricks begin to fall.

I miss you……
This is a personal poem about someone i loved more than life itself who i was unfaithful to. I hate myself for hurting him and now im forced to deal with the agonizing sadness...

— The End —