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Cesca May 2017
Akala ko nakamove on na ko.
Hindi pa pala.
Nakita lang kita.
Bumalik bigla lahat ng ala ala.

Bakit mo pa ko pinakawalan?
Bakit mo pa ko iniwan?
Sagutin mo lahat ng tanong ko.
Dahil baka mabaliw ako ng tuluyan.

Paano ka nakamove on ng ganun kabilis?
Habang yung mga nararamdaman ko sayo hindi parin umaalis.
Andaya mo naman! Ikaw masaya habang ako nagdudusa pa.
Pwede bang tayo na lang ulit? tayo na lang ulit.

Bumalik ka dito para ayusin lahat ng ito.
Lahat ng mga sinira mo.
Akala ko ikaw na ang bubuo sakin.
Pero ikaw rin pala ang sisira sakin.
Cesca Oct 2016
what's the point of living?
if people around you are always judging.
what's the point of smiling?
if you're always pretending.

what's the point of being happy?
if you just think of being dead already.
what's the point of laughing?
if you always feel like crying.

what's the point of loving?
if you'll just end up hurting.
what's the point of life?
if you just want to die.
Cesca Sep 2016
Being alone is perfect,
To avoid being rejected.

Alone is fun,
So you can pull out a gun.

Scissors, razors and knives are dangerous.
But why is my wrist looking fabulous?

Medicine can cure you from sickness,
But can also give you happiness.

Yes, alone can be something.
But really? I'm doing everything.
Cesca Sep 2016
There was once a smart girl,
Who never experienced of being inlove.
Then suddenly she met this boy,
That brought her heart some joy.

One day the boy confessed,
He'll court the girl with his very best.
She began to wonder,
Is this the start of something better?

She never knew she will feel this way,
Because all she ever done is study all day.
She always say that love can wait,
But I guess cupid struck her and gave her faith.
Cesca Sep 2016
Passing through the hallway,
Just wearing the mask everyday.
Still breaking inside,
Because you're still in my mind.

Seeing you happy,
Makes me want to cry.
Is it funny?
Cause I just smile.

I can't move on,
What is going on?
I don't know what happened,
You just disappered all the sudden.
Cesca Sep 2016
A minute you are sweet,
That gives my heart a happy beat.
Then a minute you turn cold,
It feels that my heart has been scold.

My friends don't like you,
I don't even care.
Because I love you,
Even though I'm just a dare.
Cesca Sep 2016
The day that we spoke
is the day that my heart went afloat
Weeks and months has passed
My feelings just continued to blast

March was the month,
The month I smile
Then May came along,
That my story turn into a sad song

Years have passed
You've found yourself another lass
And yet I'm here,
My eyes just continue to tear.
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