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It’s a lonely feeling, the feeling like you want to die
It is not something you tell people, but something to hide
Life is precious and exciting, but what a cruel lie
For the things I’ve seen and been through is nothing to try

I cut to release the pressure building inside
It helps for a while, but comes back double in size
The deeper the cut the more it goes
But the deeper the cut, the more it flows

The scars are not beautiful, they scream my desire
If only I was brave enough to cut a little wider
The blood will flow and cannot be stopped
I will be free but at such a massive cost

The black hole that sits in my soul
Devours the life of happiness I’m told
God does not love me
God does not care

Maybe I will feel more at home in the land of despair
I’ll be accepted by the ones who have gone before me
The cowards who have chosen the hanging tree
Made for people who have done nothing but be

I’ll suffer, but I won’t suffer alone
I guess that’s better than being unknown…
Take me to a place where I can run
Through the hills without tiring,
Where I can swim to the depths
Of the sea without drowning,
Where I can fly through the sky
Without falling…

Take me to a land where horse can fly,
Where trees sing and dance in tune,
Where birds grow the to the size of elephants,
And humans turn into wolves…

Take me to a place filled with magic,
Take me to a place saved by freedom,
Take me to heaven.
A sorry message just for you
I don’t know what happened
And I’m positive you don’t know too
I thought I should just send
You a message just to say
How horrible I felt the whole day
Sitting silent with you by my side
Made me feel like a dying tide
If I knew what it would feel?
More like the needle on a spinning wheel
Temptation to end the loneliness I felt
Deserts freeze and icebergs melt
Total chaos without you their
I sat in turmoil of great despair
Please forgive my ******* mode
I hate to be in solitude
I thought you were angry
I thought you didn’t care
But it was me being stupid, insecure and scared
I perceive things as I think they are
I’m wrong most of the time
I realised this in the car
And now I write you another poem
Hoping to let you see what you should know
I’m a horrible, terrible friend
But I will need you until the very end
I’m selfish and rude with a lot to say
So please forgive me if you may
I am daft and full of ****
And you are the one that should use wit
That I am a sad, negative soul
Who doesn’t deserve to be whole
And with you by my side that is what I will be
A force to behold with my Parabaiti
My life would be a tale of decay
Darkness clouding my life in disarray
Loneliness would be my only acquaintance
Taunting me with bitter conversations

Thinking back to the days before you
Happiness seizes and hatred flows true
Humans were brutal, psychotic machines
Destroyers of pure, lifetime dreams

The one who I can completely trust
The one who will tread through dust
Taught me to see with a new perspective
And helped me through what I would never have expected

Cleared my mind of hatful rings
Showed true friendship in everything
Helping me live through all the rough
Made me feel like I was good enough

Brought me into her wonderful life
And made a true sacrifice
Promising a friendship fierce and strong
Parabaiti for life in a beautiful song.
We see without looking
We eat without tasting
We live by surviving
Yet not living at all

We say without knowing
We learn without growing
We live by surviving
Yet not living at all

We step without watching
We hope without acting
We survive by living
Yet not living at all

We trust too generously
And wonder why we get hurt
We lie so easily
Yet wonder why we aren’t told the truth

We live without appreciating
And die wishing we did more
We live by surviving
Yet not living at all
Running through the forest, into the night
A fire grows strong, a murderous light
Burning the living and eating the dead
The fire grows hungry, leaving havoc in its stead

Weakening the giants, making them tumble
Falling to the ground, an echoing rumble

Ground shaking, twigs breaking
Running for my life, escaping my demise
Death is knocking at my door
My heart speeds as I soar

Trees fall as I fly, feeling so lost
I can’t deny, death is near
My time has come, falling to the ground
Filled with contentment, heaven shines down

Created by the same God
Grown with the same love
I feel no pain, my sufferance gone
The trees and I have become one
The full moon in all its glory
A beam of light, an epic story
The moon was once a piece of rock
Useless to the universe, a massive shock
When the bang made this tiny specimen
A wondrous beauty, a well learnt lesson

The earth praised this magnificent candlelight
The moon created waves as a gift, a glorious sight
The flat, unmoving waters, now an unending dance
Humans caught by its splendour in a delightful trance
Blinded by its unyielding power
The moon did not stop, flooding to devour

The Gods took away the moons full beauty
Leaving upon it, a terrible duty
The moon full for only three days, only to wait
A fortnight again to be whole, it was abate
It is a truth known; only the weak minded lose to shame
To see innocence turn evil by power, a wicked game

Power is given to those who are worthy
Worthy are those who control power and show mercy.
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