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j Aug 2019
He was the summer
But you were the breeze
That blew out the sun
And knocked down the leaves
  Aug 2019 j
I went out to find
Some value in me,
So I sold what I had
For little a fee.

My eyes for a penny
I sold to some fools,
They're blind and useless,
Mistook for jewels.

My lips for a nickel
To the sweetest sin,
So they'll know the love
That has never been.

My ears for a dime
I sold to a lover.
To hear sweet nothings,
And silence uncover.

My hands for a quarter
I sold to a ghost,
So that she might feel
What I've wanted the most.

Finally my bones for a dollar
I sold to the earth,
But as for my soul-
There was found no worth.
j Aug 2019
Told myself I’m too square
And filed down my edges
Ignored the dead ends
And straightened my hair
j Aug 2019
He wants to go on a southern night
And for me and her that feels just right
We’ll feel him free with the trees
Let him linger among the leaves
Then bid him bye with the breeze
He asked we let go on a southern night
Since it’s always when we felt just right
Because us and this favor is all he needs
—Remember his love on nights like these
I love you dad
j Aug 2019
I’ll give my spirit for you
Because when you’re down
I’m forever your fool
Ask me if I will dance
And I’ll give you a second chance
I won’t stop until you’re pleased
With my whole body’s abstract grief
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And my feet are burning fiery red

I’ll never care if you fall short
Because you’re my king
And I am your court
If you told me to take
Another heart and make it break
I won’t stop until it shatters
And give it to you on a golden platter
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And make sure that you’re well fed

I’ll let you do what’s best for her
Because you’re my king
And I’m forever your jester
Tell me that you don’t know
I’ll tell you to please let me go
I won’t stop until you leave
Even when I’m too tired to grieve
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And have erased myself from your head

I’ll be here when you must be found
Because you’re my ringmaster
And I’m your best clown
Tell me that she’s what’s right
I’ll never try to put up a fight
I won’t stop until you’ll see
You can’t say you’re still here for me
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And my circus act is for now abed

Whenever and whatever you need me for
I hope you know that I am forever yours
j Aug 2019
When I hear that song
Swiftly, I’ll be gone
When it’s whispered among the trees
I must leave for now
Although you wonder how

The tears the flowers see
Aren’t for you and me
When I taste it among the breeze
Soon I will be gone
And you must prosper on

Every time, you have these fears
Even after all these years
Please remember I am still alive
But have found another place to thrive
j Aug 2019
You don’t have to deal
With an awful taste
To forget what you feel
You don’t have to
Look your demons in the face
On the journey through
For some easy thrills
Take some pills
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