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Meet Sep 2018
To walking out of the house alone
To killing enemies with every dying emotion
To those who stand still in soulfading light
To those who don’t hesitate taking a bullet with pride
We salute you because you're willing to fight!

To face every plight without getting afraid
To bathe sometimes in the rain of grenades
To those with their eternal will
To those with the restless spirit
We salute you because you refuse to quit!

To the sacrifices that seemed very normal
To the courage amidst the literal horror
To those who dare to fight their own fears
To those who die fighting for us at the border
We salute you because YOU all are the real avengers!

And all those mothers who shed tears at night
All the wives keep waiting in the fading sight
All the families who lost their beloved ones
To those all who only lived once but shall stay forever
In our hearts, in our memories
In the history, for their dauntless bravery
To the real superheroes of our nation who don’t fight for any fame
I salute you because it's not a shame!
I salute them because its not a shame!
Meet Jul 2018
Does it matter whether you're happy or upset?
Kid, for how long do you wanna pretend as a helpless puppet!
Does it matter whether it is wrong or right?
Matters is what did you do to make that wrong right!
Does it matter whether you're poor or rich?
Its life, *****! & life is a *****
But what matters is if you're feeling these moments or not!
Cause I surely do & for me it matters!

The things you left behind making a great chase
The people who made you feel ugly & worthless
The time when you felt shattered & broken
The places where you cried out loud in alone
But avoiding the complains, abandoning your emotions
Have you tried being patient of patience?

The day will come
You'll also fly high
Embrace the silence and
rise above despise
Rise, rise like the sun
There'll be millions waiting for you
when the dawn is nigh

You're the flame, you're the breeze
Do yourself a favour & love yourself, please!
Burn yourself in the fire of desire
Wear the success like it's your favourite attire
Hurt yourself so you can find it's cure
Enjoy the madness around you, why being mature!

In the hurdle on this endless station
We're running bare feet seeing blurred destination
Either you'll meet the success or face the failure
But the time is great so save your sinking ship, sailor!
There's no escape, there's no short-cut
Important is if you believe in making excuses or not!
If it don’t end your way, it ain't no end
And this is no ordinary conversation my friend!
Meet May 2018
Dreams. Aspirations.
Reality through the blurred visions
In search of
fading destination
Fallouts. Selfdoubts.
High on bad decisions
Want to scream out loud
Wanna touch the clouds
but stuck in a shell
Paranoid as hell
Craving miracles to happen
In more than many ways
Sleepless nights, dreadful days
Constant flow of thoughts
running through veins of brain
Past to regret about
Present to curse upon
Future to dwell on
And all that we need is an escape
Not to quit
but to be quite
To feel the peace
To use our elite wits
Through which art can speak
& words can live
To concentrate
without caring about the consequence
Hit the right note
& make the most of it
with what you got
This life ain't free of cost.
Meet Mar 2018
Those squinty little eyes
everytime she smiles
Those sullen teary eyes
everytime she unreasonably cries
That walking on streets
holding each other's hand tight
Those silly silly things
over we love to fight
Those endless talks, that nonstop chattering
But being with her; everything is worthwhile

That staring her silently
When she laughs insanely
That enjoying watching her in bed
When she snores so quitely
Sheltering under the blanket
Snuggling each other tightly
Kissing each other against the cold
That warmth we could see in each other's eyes precisely
These little little moments are the reason
This life seems so worthy and lively

Wish all this could be true & not creations of my mind's illusory tunnel
Cause in those cozy moonless nights, I really wanna hug her tight and cuddle
Why this life ain't Just simpler than simple?
Why our feelings has started Judging over looks & pimples!
We live in the world where everything is blurred & puzzled
Thus it feels so safe living in your own imaginary bubble
Yeah, it’s a dream I wanna dream every night
Cause it feels like livin' in a dark paradise
Cause it feels so good livin' in a dark paradise
If only we could live a dream!
  Mar 2018 Meet
we find
in time that
nothing really changed
it's just rearranged
the same picture
painted a thousand
different ways.
in our core,
we stay the same.
falling back on
old habits,
nursing old insecurities
to reiterate the
sad truth
of each of our realities.

oh to be free of
such a human condition
to be free of such
thoughtless repetition
and maybe,
I'd be more mindful
less heartless
in my decisions.
Meet Mar 2018
Women were mentioned as
God's most beautiful creation!
But seeing some of their situations today
Seems all is left is Just the cremation

Today's world is
faster than ever
And without feminine
It cannot last forever

Why is that so hard for a girl
to live on her own?
She's not a toy to play with whenever you want
& make her moan!

Pity those who think
women are to only produce a baby!
Give her your faith and support
She'll become one you hadn't ever imagine her to be

And **** those who calls a girl *****
& fix her rate
After realizing the fact that
She's not in their fate

Everyday some monster **** a woman ruthlessly
What do we do; Just look the other way
Hundreds of women are harrased and killed everyday
I wish there too could be some sundays!

Just when she finds a staircase
to reach to her crown
Why she also finds thousands?
Eagerly waiting to pull her down

They have potential to rule the world
They are not destined to be nun
They can show the world
Why should boys have all the fun!
Wish there too could be some sundays!
Meet Mar 2018
Back when dead men used to breathe
& world wasn't driven the edge of a knife
With a wink & a big laugh on their face
Some kids were born to live **** life

As we grew up a little
We grew up little shy
Little lazy, little crazy
Wondered looking at sky

From the first time we cried
To the last time we laughed
From wet smell of clay
To sand castles at bay
From playing in mud
To get beaten from parents
But as we were the studs
That madness was permanent

Those little drops in slow pace
When sky poured rain on our face
With a big smile, looking up high at clouds
That li'l kid spreaded it's arms to embrace

To the *** in dreamsight
To the thirst at midnight
To those small small things
for which we siblings used to fight
To those school fights we fought
To the mind full of thoughts
We used to find happiness
In whatever we got

All these moments that we cherish
has become memories lightly perished
Our childhood has become a lie
In the era of suits & tie
The signals have crossed our mind in the world of technology & science
And we have forgotten the vibes of back when we used to be alive
You wake up at midnight, Sit still, not having a peace of mind
You search around for love in the brightness of deamlight
You smile at your old pictures & wonder
How you used to live whole, remember?
A little step into the world of poetry. Please add your response to it if you like it. It would be highly appreciated.

— The End —