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Martin Feussner Dec 2016
(link to my video that creates self perpetuating irony);=100006211128508
Creating awareness on the stupidity of doing challenges on social media where most people only care about the social media fame rather than the issue they're supposedly creating awareness on.
Martin Feussner Feb 2015
When would I ever experience time freezing into the marrow of my bones and shattering everything I once was to allow me to melt into a new being.
Martin Feussner Nov 2014
You* will find me there in the rain
The rain you left me in
Martin Feussner Nov 2014
I shall not write it with just any ink other than the ink that reaps for you.
*"I love you"
Martin Feussner Oct 2014
Waiting in the dark shadows
Her thrusting heartbeat is felt
Echoing through his soul
The cool wind sweeps through their hearts
Feeding their passion
With each passing moment
Their worth of living is fulfilled
Lovers of time
They feel celestial
Eclipsed from other life
Heaven not so far
Death now a myth in their minds
Their flame burns eternally
There now finally is a place
In time and space
That makes them feel alive
The choice of words were inspired by the titles of some of the best songs in my opinion
Martin Feussner Oct 2014
It's there
Deep down
In the core of my soul
Slowly reaching outwards
This pain
It exists
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