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Lizzy Love Dec 2017
time is an illusion
nothing but a fusion
of thought & emotion
as vast as the ocean
so grab my hand
for experience unplanned
and off we go
freedom to and fro
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Jun 2017
Releasing toxicity, feeling weak in the knees
Such work of the soul can be quite costly
When one opens the mind to the once unseen
A price I'm willing to pay, quite happily
For I now know who I am, times infinity
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Jun 2017
Pay attention to the questioning child,
whose eyes are still new to this world.
His inquiries may seem silly, and wild,
but hold many understandings untold.
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Sep 2016
Break the chains of rage, link by link
Each one falling fiercely to the earth
Expelling hurtful ways that you think
As you accept all love in your rebirth

The weightlessness so overwhelming
Your fingers stretch to the open sky
Complete control over how you’re feeling
Full awareness and your soul starts to fly

Sometimes you’ll stop for a quick little break
Into rich soil let your long roots sink
For nurturing others is simply your fate
& sometimes that means staying in one place

So beautifully does it make your heart sing
Now that your doing has turned into being
Embracing your wings as you lift off again
See you next landing, wherever and when
Dedicated to my beautifully inspirational mother in law, Sarah. I love you, Mama!
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Sep 2016
Slap that fake smile on your face,
then watch me quickly quicken my pace,
striving to be so far from you,
as from the core you let your work undo.

I clench my teeth, hold the words in,
’cause right now, you just won’t listen.
Now I must take a bow, moving back,
as you take the stage with your soul attack.

In the audience is where I’ll sit,
and I’ll be even farther when your truth hits.
This is the path that you have chosen,
I’ll see you once more when your heart isn’t closin’.
Only then, only then, can we keep on a’growin’.
© Lizzy Collins
Lizzy Love Apr 2016
The sun
it burns
my eyes
my skin

Like a long lost love,
our reunion

Winter above
the Mason-Dixon line
simply spells defeat

Back down south I'll go
& I'll take my bare feet!
© Lizzy Collins

Written after it snowed more during the first week of April than it had all winter...thankfully the chill has now moved on!
Lizzy Love Apr 2016
Sitting here,
not a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.

Emotions swirl my mind,
sending shocking signals,
just so my heart can know
to tighten, or beat fast.
So my gut can choose,
whether to go up, or down.
So my palms can decide
to stay dry, or get sweaty.

Sitting here,
not a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.

Emotions swirl my thoughts
as I am mindful.
So my energy can go
wherever it's needed.
So my intentions remain
purely in love.
So my heart shows gratitude
to all deserving.

Sitting here,
now I've got a clue,
how to feel,
what to think.
© Lizzy Collins
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