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killjoy Nov 2017
Don't you think it's strange
When the countries claim to support
Multiculturalism and diversity
But so on people go on to say
The food you eat is gross

It's fine, no need to say it
If they offer you some, then simply reject it
What happened to acceptance and tolerance
When all they seems to compensate for are
Western food, do you not feel this way?

There are plenty more;
The cloth you wear is strange, let them be hijab, burka and so many more
The religion you follow is weird, let them be Sikhs, Jains and so many more
I don't like your ethnicity, let them be Chinese, Muslim and so many more
I don't like your gender identity, let them be female, transgender and so many more
I don't like your ****** identiy, let them be gay, lesbian and so many more

We are the minority and always under-represented within majority
Feeling like stifled, palms sweaty as we know we have target behind out back
Identity we have and must continue to protect
For that's what makes who we are

But to which standard are we conforming to?
To which standard are we assimilating to?
(why don't you fill in the blank, as plenty people knows,
western rules and the majority are cruel)
They said we had free will, a human right from democracy
But societal pressure comes and claim the right to express culturally

So I ever so hate the country and the people
For all the promises seem to turn out to be broken
People cry out for them to go back to their original countries
when they have just like others, earned their right to stay
when they have no place to go back to, only in their head
796 · Aug 2017
Mother's smile
killjoy Aug 2017
When my mother look at me
She smiles
When she gives me a goodnight kiss
She smiles
When she says she loves me
She smiles
And that smile is
Most beautiful
Most wonderful
Most tearful
Most sorrowful
Most joyful
In the whole wide world
558 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Oh what a great sorrow
The bitterness of tomorrow
Is quick as an arrow
That pierces the marrows

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Oh what a tarnish of yellow
Sings in tone of mellow
Carried by the night crow
That flies high pass the gallows

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Oh what a scream of vows
That leaves lowest of low
To bite the kindness bestow
In which the night swallows

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
Is the new day of hollow
Comes; brief happiness of fellow
Goes; evil banished as follow
Claps; grand feat of escrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow
On toward the new valor
Away from the cliff narrow
Hope sparking in shallow
Darkness back to below
531 · Sep 2017
Cheap Earrings
killjoy Sep 2017
June claimed my sister's birthday
With glittering jewel of sunshine
So soon after my birthday in May
Passing red tulips and spring wind of mine

But all I could sadly afford
Was cheap earring in fake sliver
Could not even get fool's gold
Much less for a believer

Carved in angel wings
Delicate and weak as it seem
Free in high note it sings
Pair of the earring pawn as a team

Opening the present, it dawns
Quick, doesn't the lighting strikes
Shown on her face as she frowns
At the tip of her tongue is yikes

But I can't stop the smile at bay
When she wears them everyday
429 · Oct 2017
Never lasting friendship
killjoy Oct 2017
I don't think I'm tired of you
I think your tired of me

What else could explain
Your disinterest in me

You just stare at your phone
Is there really nothing to tell

An awkward silence for
What should be joyous gathering

I tried to make it work
But you always let me down

I'm sorry to say
I'm not gonna stick around

When you aren't willing to
Even care unless I care first

All I can apologize for
Is that I didn't have patient nor time

To stick around for forever friendship
That we once promised each other

And don't let me feel guilty of
Searching for new friendship

As I gotta fill the spot
That is still warm from you sitting

I look toward the new horizon
Wondering who my new friend will be

And with bitter sadness from parting
And sweet lingering memories

I say goodbye to my once close friend
Whom I'm sure is fine without me
351 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Living a Vegan Lifestyle
Must be real nice

But it’s really funny
because poor can’t afford to eat like Vegan
So it’s true, survival of fittest
Cuz if you don’t eat like Vegan,
You need to supplement with other resources
With dying pigs and chickens in
Hell Farm that’s what we call it
We all know about it
They bash in chicks head

But it’s really funny
Cuz even we know about it
It’s hard to change our habit
Despite the obvious animal
Cruelty, amongst everyone
People seem to be against it
It would ruin the fundamental of
Mass production and consumerism,
So the fault is it in all of us

But it’s really funny
Cuz no one want to take the
Blame we shove it in to the
Invisible man’s ideology of our time
So who we ask ourselves
Who’s the culprit and start
Pointing finger to a scapegoat
But we all wear the blame
Literally I’m not kidding

But it’s really funny
No one really seem to care
Too much greater problem
With Global warming and such
All around the world
Give you headache
Just to think about all the horror
Let’s all be vegan, why not?
And save the world by eating healthy
287 · Sep 2017
killjoy Sep 2017
When did I fail to notice
Many lines above the brow
Deep as the crevasse entice
Built by time somehow

My father persist to toll
(Made of flesh and bones)
With no one to console
(Not stones and marble tones)

His heart once filled with pride
Had mankind's faith in bible
But gone with the rough tide
As this life is not a fable

And ashes to ashes we all return
With neither our egos or ill concern
286 · Sep 2017
killjoy Sep 2017
I wonder if I'm losing my mind
I feel that my thoughts are in bind

The legacy and intricacy so delicately woven
But I know underneath were all lies if proven

Falsehood mixed with sense of modesty
Blah, I don't want or need such courtesy

Show me the truth, and only the truth that lies within
With no horrid intention, my patience is wearing thin

And even then they are such a temporary relief
Because I constantly argue to expose the false belief

But masses rises in torrents to give lies a form in reality
Something that should not even be compare to truth in duality

And forevermore the generation continues to wrongly foster
Planted racism and prejudices which are the imposter

And our moral codes and principles are all but forgotten
As fear brew from lies that should have been left out rotten

My placid eyes somehow remains desert dry
Lost all ability to even try to cry

I am a witness, a citizen and a bystander
Feeling powerless and no one to slander

It has simply become so difficult to tell
What is real and what is not real in tale
276 · Aug 2017
Last Summer on the Beach
killjoy Aug 2017
Sisters and I spent last summer on the beach
No lesson, no in between the line to teach

Listening to the rolling and crashing of the wave
That sounded like fresh opened coke echoing in the cave

With ears craning and softening breath
Like in one night stand of the ******'s final death

The bittersweetness of summer weather
Brief it falls and float up as weightless feather

We sat on the beach for the last summer time
Hoping to come back once more with a dime
270 · Aug 2017
First Confession
killjoy Aug 2017
To dear God whom I confess
But which whom I cannot assess

In which I do not know if I should regret
That I am monster born and not beget

I do not feel guilty as I make child cry
My heart feels empty while my face is dry

I feel nothing when parting ways
With friends and families, even dearly dead

But if I am such a monster, why do I bother
To long for love of my mother, my sisters and my father?

Which I will never receive in a blue moon
But will crave as sunshine in the afternoon

I sit here waiting my impending doom
Filled with wild thought alone in my room:

Why do I feel loneliness and fear
In loveless world I continue to tear

And only place to confess my truth
Is in a place and space of a booth

Where my face hides away from the eyes
Which I must continue to deny

As I am the shadow that hides from light
But until the end, I will fight for flight

As I wish to be free from such thought
While I lay shivering tight as rope has wrought
262 · Sep 2017
Don't be sad
killjoy Sep 2017
please don't be sad
my heart
will break,
with heaviness
in my throat
and fires
behind my eyes
if you cry
i will cry
i hate
so please
don't be sad
240 · Feb 2018
School shooting
killjoy Feb 2018
17 students passed away
In Florida
2018 looked ever so bright

But now I fear

It's every month occasion now
Should I predict that next school shooting
Will come by sometimes next month too?

I live in Canada

So maybe it shouldn't be relevant to me
But I'm so tired of being silent
So tired of same thing happening on the news

I was afraid that people would say

"That it had nothing to do with you,
Why don't you focus on your own problem,
You're all talk; just writing a poem here that doesn't even rhyme
What more can you do beside just adding fuel to




But I just have to point out the insanity

Because it seems like the most shooting are from
Students who were suffering too much
They couldn't seek help and instead turned to the guns

Where they sought horrid fantasy in torrents of reality

So, how can you give guns to the teachers
Who have once taught the same student?

Your telling the teacher
To shoot their own student
To protect other students.
How can you even consider such idea???

Did the world change so much that
Now teachers are also soldiers?

I was even more surprised that
Young adult and mentally ill
Could, could, could buy a gun

People aren't meant to ****** even in self defense
They get haunted by tragedy of their own choice
As flash of death and red goes in between their eyes
Despite living, they might as well have died

Nor do they need a gun in this peaceful age
Especially in a country where abundance of ideas,
Democracy and national pride is constantly praised
Thus why brew violence by providing the means?

So why are you not banning the guns dear oh politicians?
What is your reasoning behind the ratio of 70:30 vote?
Is it the money; how much are the gun company paying you?
What is going on in that White House that is no longer white?

OR is it truly for the freedom part of the constitution?
Even when people are dying?
Is having the right to own a gun, truly what it means to be free?
Doesn't our strength of choice at time like this...
Isn't that what freedom is about?
240 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Tattoos to cover the scars
To make it something beautiful, that's what we are

We aren't something to get attention
We hid away your imperfection

Never to remind you the disdain
But to remind you the beauty in pain

Forever we remain engraved
In the hearts and mind that have braved
233 · Aug 2017
Messy Feelings
killjoy Aug 2017
Why do I feel so lonely,
Even when there are 7 billion people
And still continuously counting
Existing and breathing on Earth?

I think it’s stupid
To make all the riddle

Why do they say we
Look so pathetic and desperate
If we keep asking for attention
Aren’t we all in a same boat
When we are all desperate for love?

They like to push and pull
A game, they say it’s fun to play
With people’s emotion and ruin their day
But every single one and that includes me
We are all addict to the game we play

Why do I bother adding capitals
To first word of these poems
Oh right, the word is being
Autocorrected and so on

They say believe me,
But they show signs of deceit
And such reflection
Is seen within me

So how do I ever trust
When I cannot afford to trust
And how can I believe
When I cannot even trust you?
killjoy Sep 2017
There once was a government that order all the ****** case to be solved
To the government, they just wanted this to be done
And so promises were made with perfect slogan to be kept
But such effort were fruitless and it was dissolved
As murders were placed upon the innocents heads
And they were left dangling in the wind with the voices of the dead
And innocent and guilty was all but blurred
With nothing but cold wines of burecrate
And the sweating pores from pressured sociocrate
And when others claims with a single gun anything could be done
To a suicide, homicide and multiple cases of domestic genocide
They were silenced without a thought and no more protest could be heard
And so false witness rose with their vile tongue and a snake as their pet
Sooner or later accusation flew, here, there and everywhere
But I shake my head in a futile attempt of sorting my thoughts
As ****** cases are not binary bases
And they cannot be solved simply with an order from high voices
As government remains blind and present crimes are hidden
In plain sight even from divine gaze and order besides mankind's
230 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Ambiguity, dubious intent
Let those all flee from me
All I need and want
Is certainty and clarity
As I must take action
With empty solidarity
And heavy heart filled
With mercury and lead
Which can be fixed
By the Alchemist of mystery
But nonetheless to the end
I will be forever known to be
Alone in my own sweet misery
221 · Aug 2017
Neon Light
killjoy Aug 2017
How brief the world comes and goes
Flickering neon light would last longer
Then the fate of the world that comes and goes
208 · Nov 2017
Who am I?
killjoy Nov 2017
I love Life and I love Death
For Life giveth pleasure and pain
For Death taketh away pain and gain
But I will always love Life more than Death
So let Death be my wife and Life my secret mistress
As I always know Life cometh but must be whisked away
While Death shall remain by my side from birth to my death
And although Life and Death will never meet
I still feel secretly guilty for dancing in between
But I am the light that never dies
And I am the darkness that forever stays
If not by the side of Life and Death
Who else can I be, can you make a guess?
207 · May 2019
Thin Wrists
killjoy May 2019
Having thin wrists
Ever so feminine,
sharp as knives,
slim as a needle.

I eat and eat and eat
But no fat ever gets stuck
on my thin wrists.
They stay thin in defiance.

A boy asked another boy
If he could break my thin wrists
He looks at it rationally-coldly.
It would just take a snap.

But my wrists made of bones
Composed of calcium,
Same component
As that boy’s wrist

To think, to phantom, to assume,
it would break so easily.
Takes my breath away
as I look at my thin wrists.
just some childhood memory I think back and wonder about it in my adult perspective
195 · Nov 2017
i ain't so sweet
killjoy Nov 2017
let me tell you i ain't so sweet
appearance can ever be so deceiving
since i already imagined killing you
not once but twice in my tiny head

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
two face i have and many more to go
i have mountains of masks under the hood
smile and cry i can do without betting an eye

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
innocent and young i may look to be
i know the rule of the game like back of my hand
a master of puppetry is what i am

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
will stab you with a knife if i wish
play you with my favourite toys
so sharp and keen that slices paper thin

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
as i never try to please your eyes
but go my way to make you cry
if you ever mistaken me to be ever so sweet

well, it's your fault for having expectation of me
191 · Sep 2017
Murdering Loneliness
killjoy Sep 2017
I feel like
finding loneliness
murdering it
if i meet loneliness
just around the corner
of empty street
lying about, sleeping
ever so innocently
i would like to take up
my knife
and commit
no mess,
no fear,
no doubt
because it made
my friends
my sisters
my parents
and people all around
to cry and bawl
their eyes out
and loneliness would
when one
it wouldn't have
to held its hand
realizing one's own
of making everyone ever so
189 · Oct 2017
killjoy Oct 2017
sometimes it's really hard to pop the bubbles
they slip and slide between swing of my hands and fingers
still, i always gave it a heartfelt chase even when I stumble
looking closer, they have amazing scope of colours which lingers

so do you know what i'm talking about with bubbles
the invisible bubble that seem to surround individual people
i give myself gasping excuses that slowly crumbles
that they are too preoccupied with their own unique prequel

i never realize i have built those bubbles
with my own two soapy hands
seeing many bubbles that seem to multiply in doubles
i continue to swipe, but they form a tighter band

sooner or later though they seem to dissolve
and here I sit left wondering about wondering
how everyone is doing; a simple question to solve
in my tiny steaming bathtub where i lay pondering
188 · Jun 2018
The Resort
killjoy Jun 2018
Rains down.
On skin: black, white, yellow, and brown.
And all skins burn
Under the natural UV light.

Is something that is not so profound.
It exists in triangular lines of cells that are bound.
Mending and bending with tears and scars,
Over the muscles, tissues, and blood vessels alike.

Is something that is on the surface; mind you.
They tell you from the start that it’s the inside that counts,
With glitters and flowers and sticker stars,
That you are perfect no matter who you are.

Is the first thing pre-schoolers recognized.
One boy bluntly points out that this girl is
Dark and *****, different from the rest.
I grab the finger away from her eyes.

Is the first thing that teenagers find to name.
They call you ******, chinks, and a Terrorist.
They dress as you for Halloween in “good” jeers,
Never to understand the hurt behind and within.

Is the first thing that adults ask about.
They assume you are Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginal, Afri-
Firmly I interrupt to explain about ethnicity and nationality,
But they don’t care about who you are.

Is the first thing couples try to match.
Because people stare when black and white are holding hands.
Even I am guilty of such and curiously wish to ask,
How did they meet, fall in love and come about?

Is the first gossip in town.
It fills the news outlet with riots and protests,
With each claiming their right but backlash after backlash,
Just washes down the black mirror to static white.

Is the first thing I find myself noticing now.
In a fantastical resort in front of Dominican beach.
White privilege enjoys an all-around buffet while
Dark-toned staff work around the clock.

Knee deep in the surface skin.
People bury themselves in it and live.
But even insects and animals shed their skin.
So, why so much emphasis on the

I ain’t saying that being White makes you racist or rich.
I ain’t saying that being a coloured minority makes you a victim.
It’s just something I have noticed;
A problem so thin but keen in everyday

For equity, not equality
The needs exist. After all,  
Bleach skin with white sunscreen
Is always guaranteed.
184 · Aug 2017
Fear and Faith
killjoy Aug 2017
A curse they cry with wondering fear
A howling of wolves upon the ear

The shadows at the corner of the eyes
The sunset stains the blue to red dyes

O those faithful stay still so calm
But those that shivers cuts their palm

For the smell of rotting meat
Will continue to rot in dead heat
179 · Sep 2017
burning the witch
killjoy Sep 2017
burnt at the stake
innocent or guilty
all in the hand of God
they ask hypocritical questions
are you abandoned by God
guess you will burn
did the God save you
let’s try once more

those who are asking
don’t know what they are doing
for those who are asking
will burn too while thinking
innocent or guilty
killjoy Sep 2017
a signed contract with a stroke of my signature
and a *** of money gone from my bank account

gave me a cheap rent in a city for a year
city full of people whom choose to stare at their phone

where i arrived in a house full of lonely people
each in their individual room with boring fumbles

so different and similar in every aspect of human being
made me wonder if i would like them at all

it's hard to concentrate on which voices to listen to
when they all talk loud as Punch and Judy

they continue to talk and talk, taking my ears
soon i may need some hearing aid i swear

they; complain, tell stories, share experience,
make some rude jokes and bickers here and there

fights and dramas are everyday nonchalant drinks
served either with hot or cold dishes

but in the end i would like to think
we are all a individual puzzle pieces

where we puzzle and wonder over how we can fit in
and somehow manage to get accepted anyhow

making a complete picture of
a house full of not-so-lonely people
177 · Nov 2017
hulking out
killjoy Nov 2017
i think i like myself better
when i'm angry
i become just a little bit more
honest and true
if not at all, bit cruel

but no longer afraid of
what others think of me
a moment when i realize
it doesn't matter more than
my own expression of my emotion

sorry if my anger
scares you away
but i like myself better
when i'm angry
so let me hulk out
168 · Sep 2017
killjoy Sep 2017
it's little bit scary
that wherever i go
i see a ladder
this invisible ladder
seems so impossible to climb
with all the top people
kicking down desperately
the all the bottom people
who are trying to desperately climb

and it's not only with
social class, politic and war
i see it in family
i see it in gender
i see it in my life
in front of my own two eyes
stuck in my throat
getting harder to swallow
so i stare with my

so can i wish
for any type of power
that would make it
go away without any
sugar coated words and fantasy?
but then again
fruitless wish
never means too much
but i keep thinking
i keep hoping
i keep on

i endlessly crave it
such freedom that seems to be
corner of my eyes
sniff of my nose
tip of my tongue
ringing of my ears
grasping by the straw
on my tip of the tiptoe
where the invisible ladder
does not exist even in
crevices and cracks
of my mind
killjoy Jan 2018
i'm sorry
i really don't do romance
i'm so tired of listening to
same ole story just in
different variation and tone
but they are playing the same chorus
ya get what i mean right?
why do romance
when you are one?
someone answer my question
why is there so many
poems, stories, songs
about romance they have fallen into
but never romance they are themselves?
and in the end regretting
the love they were in
but love is you and me
no give and take i don't see
just don't beat each other for it
no need to steal it, you simply can't
it's there when i am there
and not when i am not
162 · Sep 2017
killjoy Sep 2017
They say the silence is deafening
But I wonder how that can be
I don't think I understand the meaning of

How can you hear the silence,
If it has no voice, no echoes, no sound to follow?
Coming up with nothing when ricocheting with nothing
Isn't that what silence is? Nothing of sound produced

Sincerely I hope I hear the silence
And I catch myself, just before the resilence
Silence is nothing without loneliness
Lots of nothing, for nothing
156 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Saying things I'm not suppose to say
Hearing things I'm not suppose to hear
What's wrong with bluntness
When they all speak the honest truth
Makes people turn heads,
Towards and then away
Your such a killjoy they say
Such a hindrance and annoyance
So I shut my mouth and my ears
Blind in my eyes and faithful to all I hear
Then they stab my heart,
cleaved clean and torn right out
Then they bash my brain,
pieces and bits they scatter
And so I sew myself up again
With remaining discarded bargain I gather
And killjoy is all I can remain to be
With a broken radio of F**k You in my head
155 · Sep 2017
ignore me
killjoy Sep 2017
do you know
how much i want to **** you
when you ignore me
when i'm talking?

you talk your mouth off
when i lend a ear
so why can't you
do the same?

should i rip off your hair
from your raw skull
just to make you
listen to me talking?

it's your lose
when you ignore me
because one day I will
prove you wrong

i will become
famous anything,
including a very famous
murderer on TV :)
152 · Nov 2019
ghost are walking today
killjoy Nov 2019
Ghosts are walking today.
Last night, misty rain fell upon the town.
On top of already soaking wet yellow leaves
that was plastered flat layer by layer-
like a yellow brick road. I walked on-
after work because biking was not an option-
in the wet air upon the wet road.
Where the road shone slick black,
Under the orange streetlight-
beneath the fading twilight, into the night.

Ghosts are marching today.
They pushed and shoved between the thin veil,
in forms of wind shrouded with orange decaying leaves.
They left dust trails, sidewalk cyclones, and-
Played mischief upon innocent walkers.
They crowded around and laid in wait,
until in groups they swamped and swayed.
As they passed by the disarrays,
with their fuzzy hats, thick coats and flying scarves,
they clutched their coat, just a little bit tighter-
and that’s enough I’m sure, to make deads smile.

Ghosts are parading today.
There was a halo behind the blanketing grey clouds-
that allowed a trickle of lights like diamonds fell into my eyes
and just for a moment in the corner of my eyes I saw:
a long crowd reflected by the golden light,
parading down the street, not caring for passing cars.
They carried a banner high up to the sky
and I squinted my eyes for a better look,
twisted my head back to catch another glimpse,
but with a blink of eyes, they were gone-
like the misty rain that fell last night.
148 · Jan 2018
terra nullius
killjoy Jan 2018
the whole world used to be terra nullius
until humanity came along
they sticked their hand
claiming this is mine, mine, mine
147 · Feb 2018
jus cogen
killjoy Feb 2018
compelling law shall compel
crimes against humanity to cease
but those crimes i shall not list
continue to brew in the mist
142 · Jan 2018
having time to write
killjoy Jan 2018
feels like I have no time to write
with school, part time job and extra things
I have prioritized over my likes
but that's an excuse I tell myself
when it's so simple to open up my computer
and type, type, type
rattling of my keyboard
without a care in the world
about anything and everything
just me and my thoughts
139 · Nov 2017
killjoy Nov 2017
Do you really think your nothing?
You will always meet people that discourage you
To hid behind masks and in the deepest shadow
But you will also meet people that will surprise you
Let them be change of the old or the refreshment of new
There are so many people on Earth;
Why be hung upon a single person
Who came by and ruined your day
Don't let them assume that they ruined your life
Come back to the warm memories
Where sun shines ever so bright
Despite knowing that night will eventually come
Still stand your ground and say
"I lived a happy life, to fullest and to the best as I can claim"
Because there is 7.6 billion people on Earth and counting
Always new people just around the corner seeking
That next person who might also surprise them
And then you will definitely be something
Something very dear with lots of love given and receiven
135 · Sep 2017
killjoy Sep 2017
Sanity do not flee from me!
Do I have to beg and plea?

In between the dreams and the world in between
Lies where a single light flickers and glean

As the vague madness leave all in haze
Insanity caress those in horrible daze

Where one by one lose the grasp
Of reality they seldom fail to rasp

But they forever continue to believe
The world they live in is Christmas eve

Once and twice their happiness shall last
Like the burning fire that a match girl cast
135 · Sep 2017
Critical Thinking
killjoy Sep 2017
Principles and generality
Why are they met with such hostility?
When nothing else seems to make sense
In world that lurches and change
The only fall back I would have is
Validity and Verifiability
134 · Oct 2017
killjoy Oct 2017
remember, remember
the wish you made upon the st
remember, remember
the promise that you would ke

remember, remember
the dreams that would be tr
remember, remember
the people who matters to y

133 · Aug 2017
killjoy Aug 2017
Music is the soul of the ears
Calligraphy is the soul of the eyes
Fragrance is the soul of the nose
Compassion is the soul of the mouth
Knowledge is the soul of the brain
Wisdom is the soul of the heart
killjoy Jan 2018
when people says
you are annoying
they are looking down on you
thinking they are on the higher ground

you have 2 choices:
bring them down to your height
or raise them up to your level
as it matter which position
you see yourself in
120 · Nov 2019
killjoy Nov 2019
barebone and *******
we ride the bikes
on a windy night

no metal slate top
rest on our head
or rule our kind

barebone and *******
we ride the bikes
on a windy night

we own the roads
just as we dare
to own the world

barebone and *******
we ride the bikes
on a windy night

we sunbath under the
streetlights, our guide
as the city grinds

barebone and *******
we ride the bike
on a windy night

we pump our feet, swell
rolling uphills and-
down with the bills

barebone and *******
we ride the bikes
on a windy night
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112 · Jan 2018
lost light
killjoy Jan 2018
i hoped to be that light
that shined at night
the light that does not let nothingness consume
because the nature of the light was to be bright

i wished to be that lighthouse
that shone for abandon cause
much like the lost sailor drifting on top of bottomless sea
sailing through the storm that was like the slaughterhouse

i believed to be the shining knight
that had ability to judge and smite
that carried out justice and revolted against the cruel injustice
the world seemed so simple to write; how short was my insight

but somehow i have become the lost
searching for the heat, but i feel the frost
sometimes i was the night that would consume the light
feeling nothing than hurting seemed to be worth the cost

but oh what a false thought
for the light i lost and fought
was something that was dear to my very own heart
but i'm only left with the nostalgic afterthought

i see others' light
i wish i could have their might
different lights with different kinds showing erie sense of their life
i can see, feel, hear and taste their past, present and future flight

i tried to regain my light
not having my thoughts in a cockfight
but it's so hard to rekindle and protect the ashes of the dead light
it would be far easier to risk a poisonous rattlesnake's bite

but at twinkling of the twilight
for me, not all is a lost goodnight
i have friends and families that does not let me give up
and perhaps a moral compass that still keeps me upright

so i'm preparing my dead light
can once more be ignite
by a dry wind carrying a spark or a passing of the accidental wick
it will lit like a forest fire, spreading far and wide with upmost delight

so hold your light tight
most close to your heart fright
show the way for those who have lost their light and thus their sight
be the one to guide lost souls even with a tear drop of your moonlight

— The End —