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AshwiniBalaGav Nov 2019
You Look Sad Today....

“What Happened “

She replied:  “ I AM FINE ”
don’t be sad always guys face the sad thing that make u sad always....just remember a thing why you’re being sad there’s been a reason and yeah face it ....i love you guys so much
killjoy Sep 2017
please don't be sad
my heart
will break,
with heaviness
in my throat
and fires
behind my eyes
if you cry
i will cry
i hate
so please
don't be sad
Aditi Kumar Oct 2015
I saw a picture of you and me together,
And I realized that I'll never  hold you like that again.

You'll never be there to hide my pain behind violent bouts of laughter;
Your warm neck will never offer me comfort anymore.

Of course, I was sad,
But then I wondered, why?
Why should I be sad when you're not here?
When you don't exist anymore?
When all the atoms that made up you are in the mud
Just like you wanted?

Of course, you didn't deserve to go,
But then I wondered, why?
Why should you not go to the place where we all will be eventually?  
When that is where you were gonna end up anyway?
When you knew that you had someone to love and be loved by
Just like you wanted?

Of course, everyone tells me it's okay to grieve,
But then I wondered, why?
Why should I be sad about something I knew would happen?
Something that I had been preparing for?
Something that would take all your woes and miseries away
Death isn't a part of life; life is the wonderful journey that we take in our own separate ways, and death is the common destination.
SydneyAnn Mar 2015
I got the closure I've been asking for
I cried a while
I'm in the middle of transitioning and I really didn't even have a comfortable spot to cry it
So I sat in the bathtub- cup of tea in hand
and I cried
And then I got up and I went and conversed with my parents and I smiled and I laughed and I loved them
and you can stop me from loving you but you can't stop me from anything else
So moving forward is the easy part
its looking back that gets hard

— The End —