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killjoy Feb 2018
17 students passed away
In Florida
2018 looked ever so bright

But now I fear

It's every month occasion now
Should I predict that next school shooting
Will come by sometimes next month too?

I live in Canada

So maybe it shouldn't be relevant to me
But I'm so tired of being silent
So tired of same thing happening on the news

I was afraid that people would say

"That it had nothing to do with you,
Why don't you focus on your own problem,
You're all talk; just writing a poem here that doesn't even rhyme
What more can you do beside just adding fuel to




But I just have to point out the insanity

Because it seems like the most shooting are from
Students who were suffering too much
They couldn't seek help and instead turned to the guns

Where they sought horrid fantasy in torrents of reality

So, how can you give guns to the teachers
Who have once taught the same student?

Your telling the teacher
To shoot their own student
To protect other students.
How can you even consider such idea???

Did the world change so much that
Now teachers are also soldiers?

I was even more surprised that
Young adult and mentally ill
Could, could, could buy a gun

People aren't meant to ****** even in self defense
They get haunted by tragedy of their own choice
As flash of death and red goes in between their eyes
Despite living, they might as well have died

Nor do they need a gun in this peaceful age
Especially in a country where abundance of ideas,
Democracy and national pride is constantly praised
Thus why brew violence by providing the means?

So why are you not banning the guns dear oh politicians?
What is your reasoning behind the ratio of 70:30 vote?
Is it the money; how much are the gun company paying you?
What is going on in that White House that is no longer white?

OR is it truly for the freedom part of the constitution?
Even when people are dying?
Is having the right to own a gun, truly what it means to be free?
Doesn't our strength of choice at time like this...
Isn't that what freedom is about?

— The End —