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Jonnathan Drew Jan 2015
The people we love,
they come and they go
leaving us with misery and depression
but maybe if we dig down deeper in their graves
we'll find them in a better place that we might meet them in
some day...
Jonnathan Drew Jan 2015
Its wild in here

yet so peaceful

your love has made a forest out of me
Check the tag bookpoemchallenge for more info. The book I picked was 'Pig tails' by Scott foresman.
  Aug 2014 Jonnathan Drew
Ellie Geneve
Owen:* Hey. You're awake.
Cristina: You didn't come home.
Owen: Yeah, there was a--
Cristina: A bus crash or a train crash or a patient crashed? Yeah. Right. Why are you staring at me?
Owen: Well, I'm weighing how upset you are and if I want to get into this.
Cristina: You do. You want to get into this...
Owen: I'm tired and it's late.
Cristina: ... with me. You know what? That's the point. It's always late, and it shouldn't be. And you should want to get into it with me but you don't. I mean, where are you?
Owen: I am-- I am here. For God sake. I'm right freakin' here. I'm home.
Cristina: No, you're not. ... You have to be honest with me because I am going crazy here. Do you, um, do you love me anymore?
Owen: It's not about if I--
Cristina: Owen, please answer the question.
Owen: I love you so much that it hurts.
Cristina: Okay. Well, okay, then. Then we can-- We can work on this. We can talk. You know, we-- We have to talk, because I cannot be like this anymore. (voice breaking) And I Mean it when I say that I'm going crazy, 'cause... (sighs) 'Cause that nurse Emily-- I mean, I-I accused her of sleeping with you.
Owen: You what?
Cristina: I'm-- I'm sorry. I just-- I mean, I feel like... My whole body feels like... Like you were cheating on me. And then you come home and you tell me that you love me, and I'm... I'm-- I'm relieved. I mean, I'm so relieved because--
Owen: Stop. Stop. I said I love you so much that it hurts.
Cristina: Okay.
Owen: I said... it hurts... to love you.
Cristina: Just say it.
Owen: I'm not cheating on you with Emily.
Cristina: Okay.
Owen: But I did cheat on you.

­He said he loved her so much it hurts.
He said it hurts to love her.
  Aug 2014 Jonnathan Drew
Ellie Geneve
I would want you to be my star,
but then you would fade in the morning.

I would like you to be my sun,
but then you would set at night.

So maybe you could be my 'heartbeat,'
If it stops, I won't die from fright.

**I'm already dead.
  Aug 2014 Jonnathan Drew
Ellie Geneve
Every morning, I promise I'll never forgive you.

I forget,

*I already have.
  Aug 2014 Jonnathan Drew
Ellie Geneve
My feelings for you

were the ink

that of which helped me write...

but now,

I'm afraid I'm all run out of ink.
  Aug 2014 Jonnathan Drew
Ellie Geneve
No thank you.
I think I'm going to stick with having real emotions,
And not being afraid to express them freely.
You should be proud too
Because if being a girl means having the ability to feel,
then we are all girls.
This conversation was between two guys :)
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