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i love you, i love
you, i love you, i love you
these, i tell you not
The sea is still today
It's cerulean blue and gold
I think of the thoughts it carries
Within its hidden folds.
It's  touch is soft and gentle
It soothes the ache of years
And I wonder how many waves
Are made from fallen tears.
Dear everyone,

This is such a surprise! Thank you all for your likes, loves and responses. I have not been very active on Hello Poetry, but will get back in action soon. So much appreciated. Thank you Hello Poetry for selecting this as a daily. Thank you so much my friends and fellow poets for taking the time to read this poem of mine. It means the world to me.  Love to everyone **
Let's try something different today
Let's laugh with our demons
Instead of sulking and crying
when they slither out of our minds tonight
Perhaps it would scare them away
And make us fall asleep in time
Let's greet the sunlit morning
With a smile instead of a frown
And hope that the day would bring
Heaps of joys
Rather than reasons for us
To worry about
Let's paint the dreary world around us
With vibrant colors
Of kindness and compassion
Save our karmic demise
And rejoice when we see their eyes
Widen with a pleasant surprise
Let us try to trust ourselves tonight
Let go of our fears and doubts
Drain every ounce of hate
Out of our veins
Forget about our flaws and faults
Under a star speckled sky
Let's try
To fall in love with ourselves
Without any rhyme or reason
Without hesitating for a moment
For the rest of our lives
 Jun 2017 Hello Haley
I touch your hair
then touch the grass,
your hair is so much softer.

I touch your cheek
then touch mine,
they are the same,
so why does yours make my fingers tingle?

I touch your lips with my fingers, they feel good
I touch your lips with my lips,
it feels way better.

I touch your hair, cheek, lips, chest, back,
I touch all of you
and I love it,
I love all of you.
I don't know where this came from since I'm still sad from a breakup and this isn't really a sad poem...
 Aug 2016 Hello Haley
Autumn Rose
We slowly danced
by the rhythm of the
classical music as
the enormous crystal
chandelier was
shining above us.
My dress was shinier.
Since when do you
start listening to
Beethoven like the
national anthem?
The slender skillful fingers
would only wish to
leave marks on the
white keys of the piano.
Instead, it left an invisible
satisfaction in my ears.
Red roses freshly planted,
they acted as an
intoxicating perfume.
The cold snake of
white tears froze my heart.
Flowers in my hair
suited me more than
pearls on my neck.
But i lost my balance and
the entire night sky
spilled upon me.
Along with the stars...
 Aug 2016 Hello Haley
 Aug 2016 Hello Haley
I wanted to do something positive for the world,
so I decided to stay in it. Because what is greater
than a girl who wishes to flirt with something as
unfaithful as tomorrow?
Though I thought you were different
                              You betrayed my trust
And with every passing shower
                        My heart will collect rust.
from a song I'm writing
Separation does weird things to the body
causes a continental divide
between the mind and the heart
This divide-- it causes doubt
and it distorts three truths
for three lies.
It shifts a millimeter each moment
till one day, there's been an earthquake
and you no longer can tell fantasy from reality
due to the irrevocable damage.
You realize
the memories aren't really memories--
they are perceptions of events gone wrong
and this cataclysm of love allows it.
You see, the sweetness of words whispered
now have an underlining bitterness
now have a certain edge
that makes you wonder if they were ever true
And now you notice, far too early,
the warmth from their embrace
just... leaves, too quickly.
they just don't hold on like they used to.
its ever so subtle, but ever so notable,
and its enough to make you worry
about the things you see.
And finally, you both begin to see...
.... that separation
does weird things to the body.
It causes a continental divide
between the mind and the heart
and the realization that there's no healing
when you're miles and miles apart.
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