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Hello Haley Mar 2020
I have come to the conclusion:
I am too aware

Too aware of the people around me
The way they wear their expressions when I speak
Immediately letting me know whether I'm accepted or a put off

Too aware of myself
Carefully choosing each word in my head before spitting it out
Then immediately second guessing the sentence as it falls off my tongue

I begin to think I'm viewed as a joke by many
Someone to make fun of once backs are turned
Someone who is never taken seriously
But that's what happens when too many people make you feel like an outsider in a crowd

Or is it due to overanalyzing each social interaction I have
Feeling untrue feelings
Making inaccurate assumptions

But maybe, just maybe
They appreciate me

But how can you ever really know for sure?
This one's for all the overthinkers and overanalyers in every social situation. You are not alone! And more times than not, people do actually like you... Just... stop asking them if they do or not. ;)
Hello Haley Jun 2018

The unique traits
That set you apart
Stand you tall above crowds
Adding value to your priceless worth


Written onto your soul
Dying to escape
Molding the person you are
Soaring to places of opportunity
Showing the world your true purpose


Give you desire
Give you ambition


Desperate to be used
Needing to be shared
Longing for appreciation
For if left undiscovered, you may
never find yourself
Hello Haley Jun 2018
You write about your empty heart
You open the blinds
He asks, "Why?"
You say, "I like looking at the stars."
He says, "Maybe the stars like looking at you."
Hello Haley Jun 2018
You have no idea

Thats what kills me
The silence that must be kept
And can't be spoken
Keep it deep inside
Never let it out
Or else something may happen
Something that turns the perspective you have upside down
The truth you know becomes a lie
Everything around you takes a step back
And re-examines who you are

You know how you were made
Who you were meant to be
How you're supposed to live
But life's getting in the way

The want to's are becoming have to's
And the have to's will change everything

You're not ready
You never will be
You don't want to be
You're following against everything you've come to know

Your heart wants it all
Your mind says stop

You always have been an intellectual
Hello Haley Aug 2016
I love when we lie down together at night
Exhausted from the weight the day has put on us
You turn to your left and I follow close behind
Wrapping my right arm around you while my left hand is on your sweet head
My favorite part of the day soon follows
Your breaths become deeper
Your chest rises high and falls so slow
Your muscles begin to relax causing a twitch to travel from your toes to your fingers
Small grunts escape from your mouth as your body tries to fight its rest
Soon, your body is still
All I can hear is the air being pulled in and pushed out of your lungs
Your body is now in peaceful slumber
Resting for tomorrow's day
I then close my eyes
Thinking of how thankful I am that you place your tired body in my arms every night and how abundantly blessed I am
to always be the last to fall asleep
Hello Haley Aug 2016
Walking through this life blind folded
Never knowing my destination
Stumbling and falling over things I didn't know would trip me
Not noticing the dark clouds on the horizon until it's too late to find cover
I come in walking tall, only to come out crawling
Where am I supposed to go?
How am I supposed to know?
I can't see the map
I don't know what's right
But I do know what's left
Growing too weary to keep walking, but that's all I can do
I keep hoping I'll arrive soon, but one question harbors my mind
"How am I supposed to get there if I don't even know when I'm lost?"
Hello Haley Jun 2016
If I was to die today, I'd die in the dress I bought for our honeymoon
I'd hope you know I wasn't scared
I'd hope you know I would be in His arms
I'd hope you know that I'd want you to move forward with my memories
I'd hope you know that I wouldn't want your laugh to die with me
I'd hope you know that there will be someone who understands and can help
I'd hope you know that I didn't leave you on purpose
I'd hope you know that I'd watch over you
And always be by your side
Because my love for you will never die with me
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