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 Apr 2015 Hello Haley
two, three, four shots of ***** ;
a bucket of tears,
and a heart in pieces later;
i was at your door.

begging on my knees for a love never once given
----- only taken.

perhaps it's because of the alcohol running through my veins that lead me there.

perhaps it was because i still love you.

*or maybe it's because i missed you the minute you walked away.
Let my love for you be known to many.
I write you a poem explaining plenty.
From all direction of my love.
With only him above being more important.

But upon this earth it will be you.
The one woman I told my love is true.
The one lady I have pledge my love too.

Let your friends wonder about that smile.
As I write you a poem explaining  it filled with warmth.

Who will compare all earth's elements to you?
Whether it's the stars, the sun and the moon.
It will send a message just how much I love you?
She said to me "You're perfect",
and I want you to be mine."
But I felt I wasn't worthy
and to be perfect, Ill need time.

I knew it wouldn't be worth it,
It could be better if I tried,
then she got tired of waiting
and I watched my chance go by.
Lang Leav
Lead me on,  for you have my Salvation in your hands.
Lead me on, unto the Finish Line where you stand.
Lead me on, for I trust you with everything I am.
For there is none other whom love me like you do,
O Lead me on for you have my beginning and my end.
All mapped out for you have everything locked in.
For you are all that I ever need my Great Source.
So lead me on , so that through me others shall see you.
For I have no fear, for you have everything under control.
 Apr 2015 Hello Haley
Did you see the war zone
in her head. The dark clouds
coming crashing in. How her
sun bled every afternoon
with different shades of red.
Did you see scars on her hips
and hands ? The lines by razor
blades on her delicate skin ?
Did you see how she walked
with pride out of it all leaving
the chaos she had in her head
behind ? How she slipped her
boots on and walked out of it
holding the red rose with it's
thorns ? She found someone
to push her dark clouds away.
Someone to share her life with
and play. Someone with a shining
light to keep her safe. To guide
her night and day. Someone who
told her it's going to be ok* ~
I have always felt that my Hope was in the next life.
But lately the scales been falling off of my wearily eyes.
Now that I seen just how personnel my Living Savior is.
I see now that my Hope is in this world as well as the next one.
So now my Joy is completed with him whom has rescue me.
Tears flow tears of Joy flood from my eyes in realization.
Now I know that you go before me to heal my wounds.
Sometimes its years before you do the next step of healing.
But none the less you did not forget about me Lord.
 Jan 2015 Hello Haley
Damaré M
Do you love me, or do you just love love?
Love the rush
     the exploring of it
      what lies next
     the thought of what happened
              want it again just with you
       No one else
for him
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