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heikkitsh Dec 2018
Your beauty casts a spell
So strong,
It overshadows
My entire universe.

Vale Luna Aug 2017
The Sun told me he was dying
And of course
I didn't believe him

Until the sky went black

I suppose it was in epiphany
That in that moment
The world had gone cold

Excitement in the eyes of the crazy
Panic in the heart of the insane
And Confusion in the mind of the dumb
Because the Sun had died

Melodramatic as ever
His death only lasted a minute and a half
And when he resurrected
The earth was warm again
Relief washing over him
Knowing that he hadn't abandoned
The ones who needed him most

It was seeing the Sun in that crescent shape
That caused me to realized
It was the Moon herself
That had stolen the spotlight
His spotlight

When it's just the two of us
(With all the other stars)
I ask her
“Why did you overshadow
The one you call your brother?”

From this
She looks down at me
A reflection of sadness
Buried deep within her craters
She sighs

And she tells me.

At least once
Every one hundred years
She wants people to look at her
In the daytime
And understand
That she might not bring heat and light
But she is part of our solar system too.

So now
I understand her
Because I listen to her
Because I see her
Because despite the thousands of miles
Separating us
Our hearts
Seem to beat
At the same time.
Dedicated to: the US solar eclipse of 2017
Anyone else who feels like the Moon sometimes <3

— The End —