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Oct 30 · 149
a halloween ritual
eva Oct 30
My body holds in it the bones of a goddess whose worship was murdered by Time,
When fatal religion of midnight's mistresses comes alive again for tonight.
The veins of this country spread out from under me and carry the weight of our lives,
As distance between us is bridged for the evening and your years collide into mine.
Under the same Moon that looked down over you, I cross the river to the dead,
Who wander the road laid down so long ago that trees have sprung from where they tread.
You followed too readily gods dead and buried and traced in their footsteps the path.
Breathe your life into me, speak to me freely, let not my plea echo the dark,

Children of Morrigan now will we call upon as the Earth ceases to grow.
Seek now your answer and through the Arcana give justification to know.
- With my tongue asking thee, my soul commanding thee: accept my hand through the veil,
And if I am heard; spirit spare not a word and reveal then what secrets you may.
Oct 19 · 200
eva Oct 19
in the great arching web where all souls reside, and knowledge is shared like starlight. each one takes its turn to be human, to see the world more than as a mess of highways glittering white. and we each bring with it a piece of that knowledge we share as one.

there is a collective of human experience, in the great prehistoric brain we all share, and each little life we live, taking turns to experience each wrinkle of our planet, is simply one step in getting the bigger picture.

you and i are the same. it is my turn to be me, and soon it will be yours. and then you will write my words and i will sit in your chair and we will connect again through opposite sides.

there is a part of my soul that did not enter this body with me. all my life i have searched for it. i am still young, and maybe one day we will meet. for now, i am immortal. but when again i fade into the spiderweb of all things, i hope i shall find again the piece of me that stayed behind with you.
Oct 16 · 44
eva Oct 16
Abandoned factories reach up to god.
Outside them lay a forest undisturbed,
Choked by smog it struggled still to grow,
Like armies camped around enemy walls,
Waited for the weight of years to fall.
And as I passed within its maze I asked
Out into the silent afternoon:
Who will be the survivor of time,
And which of these soldiers will fall sooner?
How soon will they be then discarded if
A suitable replacement can be found?
If that philosophy stands too for me,
Where, now, is the wood of my coffin?
I only hope its seed is unplanted.
Oct 5 · 35
come back to the end
eva Oct 5
heavendrunk, i stand at the edge of space
waiting for the Great NOTHING to swallow me whole

me and my body stitched of ugly thoughts
i wait for the spirit of life to fill my mouth with beautiful words
But the rain will not come.
i will never be enough for you, will i?
i wrote this when i was v drunk last week
Sep 21 · 87
love reincarnate
eva Sep 21
i wait for you on the altar
drenched in jasmine
stained fingertips coloured with incense

your ritual will
fill me clean me make me whole
in the flickering candlelight the moon is hung invisible
there are no stars to guide me

the angels of a religion yet to be written will say
do not be afraid
we love in a time now lost

somewhere, your altar lies broken in the seabed,
where the sands whisper our names
and when all is dead, the earth will keep her secrets hidden.

i have waited my entire life for you
and i would wait a thousand more
if our blood is born of stardust,
you and i must have shone as one before the fall

she stands like GOD at the first horizon
when beauty ran unpolluted,
stood screaming I AM UN-IN-KNOW-AB-LE

pull the veins from my body and there is her portrait
rip the beat from my heart and there is her name
steal the air from my lungs and there is her kiss

my throat is torn ragged with words i will never say aloud
we are the star drawn lovers only known by the sea
but i will find you again.

my love, i will wait on the bridge where all worlds collide,
one thousand lifetimes to go.
Aug 12 · 105
eva Aug 12
Talk to me of beauty
And I’ll find my dagger’s blade,
Twist its wicked smile
Draw a trench across my face.

To what extent could i
Ever be free of her demands
The spy who lives in my mind’s eye
Requires performance

So I will maintain character
To an audience of one
The hours on my makeup
I convince myself are fun

Close the blinds for a minute,
everybody stop looking at me.
it's late and i'm tired
Aug 12 · 88
life after her
eva Aug 12
Orpheus crawled from the ground upon his hands and knees,
His days he faced in bitterness without Eurydice,
He wiped the bloodstains from his face, coughed up gravedirt and leaves,
And tore the music from his throat, resigned to silent be.

Surrendered to the quiet, he deprived the world of song,
Without her harmony, he thought, the melody was wrong,
Perverted echoes tried to sing but they were never strong.
When silent in a violent world, where then could he belong?

Returned then to their wedding bed, alone he lay and wept.
Moonlit air betwixt his wretched, ragged sobbing crept.
His weary lungs began to slow, and at birdsong he slept,
Dreaming, saw a horde of women, manic and godswept.

Her melancholy wails resonated throughout Hell.
Sat upon his throne there reigned the King that knew them well.
Under the crooked back of grief the riot could be quelled,
For dangerous is Orpheus and his melodic spell.

The maenads came for him as prophesied within his dream,
Tore his body limb from limb, a cloak ripped at its seam,
A mad and Bacchic frenzy blinded the infernal team,
From witnessing his dying smile, as if at last, redeemed

Two lovers’ outstretched hands reach now across the murky water,
Drowning out the souls who shout in mourning for their slaughter.
The bridge of years they passed apart was, in an instant, broken,
They did not trust themselves to sing, so ‘I love you’ was spoken.
the first poem i actually wrote with a set metre, so i  already know it's not great lol

— The End —