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Was it too much
To think of myself
As beyond physical attraction?
I guess it was.
I'm not in love.
mks Nov 21
did you spend all that time breaking down
the walls i'd built around me and my heart
so it would be easier for you to leave?
I am bad at learning languages
I have often failed to identify
the bones of a sentence
in another tongue

I learn in other ways
read volumes of abstract
that make more sense than
anything vaguely
linguistically linear

I am bad at learning languages but
I am good at falling in love
at studying the bridge of your
like it's a sketch
from Michelangelo's early work

so I dropped the class
tied my shoelaces
politely returned the
imperative and subjunctive
no sé no way Jose

I am bad at learning languages
and sometimes bad at writing poems

I am good at falling in love
with every curve of your body
with every texture of your voice
I fall more in love every minute
that I call your image to mind

I am a good lover      
I failed Spanish class
or at least one of them
we met last year
at a dance
sloppy and sincerely

you are a complex vision
one of
a soy milk carton and candy
a messy and endearing scene
     baggy sweatshirt
     classic sneakers
     heavy eyelids

hopefully we meet gazes
through tea lights
and guttural guitar riffs
later today or tomorrow or the next––
faster than a gushing waterfall
h Oct 26
one day you'll look back on your life
and realize
you were born a caterpillar
and grew into a butterfly
in the midst of absurdity.
you'll look down
and see everything beneath you
because you'll be flying,
with wings you didn't even know you had.
growing up is a process that happens over time,
and even though it feels as if it takes an eternity,
you don't always see her there when she arrives.
i think humans are just butterflies
that have more emotions.
we are stronger than we look,
but our wings should not be touched.
for the oils on your hands will weigh us down.
Bella Jun 2
When I began to cry; the sky did too
Cotton candy clouds dripping blue in June
Evie May 14
as depression left
anxiety moved in

its almost as if my brain
is renting itself out to various diseases

one is evicted
another pays its way in
Saint Audrey Apr 23
We are what we are
I am what I am

Nothing but a replica
Of imagined will
For all this effort
Scrapes don't fade
On porcelain skin
Evie Apr 23
i ain't got time for their *******
Evie Apr 21
"alcohol tastes better underage because the secret ingredient is crime"
-a wise person on twitter
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