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Emma DeBoer Mar 2017
Stomach dressed in black holes,
Heart of velvet chained with barbed wire.
Second guessing instinct,
And I attempt to trust the liar.
Sampling my memories
Try to collect what I have learned.
Bringing it, just below the surface.
Is this the life I've earned?
I'd like to believe I deserve more.
In fact, I think I will.
But as of late it seems my life
Is standing perfectly still.
And the God in me
Promises fruition.
"But it can only come,
With a trust in intuition."

Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
The more I connect myself to the universe and the Earth.. the farther I fade from the human way...
Starting to feel more alien
And outlandish
Every excruciating day.
Trying to collect my tribe
and find which lane to travel.
But my wheels
Keep turning.
And I'm moving high.
Far from the gravel.
Try and pull me down,
I ******* dare you.
But no way.
No ******* way you're taking
Away my crown.
You can watch from down there
with envy and defeat
Or you can take my hand and allow me to show you
How darkness can be sweet.
I'm a *****
In my own corner.
Love me or lose me.
Either way,
You'll be a mourner.
But don't let that scare you off now..
For it isn't cold here.
I can show you,
That the universe is you
Inside a mirror.

Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
Flames form above the clouds.
And I'm stuck here wondering
How did I get so lucky?
Despite the storm coming down,
I'm blessed enough
To find the sunset.
How can I be ungrateful
when the sun comes back
every morning?
And leaves me at night
With its shining and cratered
Lunar light..
What did I do
to deserve this

Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
Dearest moth,
Just a week ago,
I feared you.

The way you bounce against things And recuperate
Like it never happened..

But now I see why
the hurt never bothered you.
Your only goal is a search for warmth
and light.
And nothing gets in your way.

I feared you.
But now I think
that everyone should be
just like you, Mr. Moth.

Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
I perspire with
a pulsing hope
That love will prevail.
A winding path leads me to a
house of ruin.
Only leaving me
with the discovery
that love;
like beauty,
Is in the eye of the beholder.
Through broken glass
I find myself falling
Deeper in love
With desolation.
Because without darkness,
light holds no value.

Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
The swift sound
Of steel against skin
Brings me to a
Deja Vu
I promised myself
To never feel again.
But with waves
Come a crashing.
And now I require
my old friend
And a bit of slashing.
Only for the hope
That my heart will
Steady again..

Written during a dark time..
Emma DeBoer Sep 2016
Treading lightly.
Dreaming of you.
Your laugh.
It envelopes me
Like water.
Cleanses my anxiety.
Could love taste this sweet?
Or is this only
My hopes
Rising up
And filling my lungs
Only to leave me
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