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elle jaxsun May 2019
i don’t know where i’m going.

they said if we worked hard
we’d get somewhere.

but were we stupid to think
that only hard work would
take us there?

our work ethic is on fire
but our hearts were stripped bare.

i’m a robot with no name.
i’m of service to you —
here’s your fake smile.
oh, and your latté, too.

how did we become so
consumed with keeping this
machine on track?
it’s not my machine.
i want to get off the track.
but my debt always says,
“you better go back.”
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
and surreal
full of life
like moon glow over big blue sea

like a butterfly flapping her wings
as if blowing kisses right at me
i flutter my eyelashes back at the patterned queen
ethereal, like moon glow over big blue sea

sunshine on cactus flowers
smells like summer
enjoying stillness
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
20 years ago

you're perfect to me.
if you hurt me I know it's
because i was bad.

10 years ago

i'm waking up now.
my friends parents don't do this.
dad, i'm so sorry.

4 years ago

it's not all your fault.
i know it's a cycle,
and i will break it.
NaPoWriMo day 5 - 040519
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
sometimes my
voice escapes me

my chest so tight
like being stabbed with a knife

throat dry
heart racing
breath quickens

for what reason?
NaPoWriMo day 4 - 040419
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
if my head weren't attached
i'd lose it in seconds.

no. milliseconds.

my head is more like
a beautiful bouquet of balloons
i hold tightly with both hands

when i'm doing too good
i get so excited that


i let them all go.

and then i'm jumping
like a ******* idiot
trying to gather them all.

but they float away fast
and i'm still jumping
while others tell me,
"it's okay, they always come back...
well, after you f i n a l l y calm down."

but i can't calm down
i lost my balloons.

of course, eventually, they do come down.
deflated and strings tangled
(or missing)

i gather them
try to untangle and repair them
and hold on tightly
with both hands
once again.
NaPoWriMo day 3 - 040319

ya know, when you frequently lose your **** it takes a minute to come back down to Earth, regroup and try again.
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
here's to you
and how all the ways
you love me
have taught me
how to love you and myself.
i'm forever yours.
for my heather <3
elle jaxsun Apr 2019
i'm dreaming
of wildflowers
fluffy clouds
across the sky
finally feeling at peace
and lemon cheesecake.
NaPoWriMo day 2 - 040219
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