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earnoux Sep 2014
I am the rain
beating down
until the overflow.
Spilling out
drowning anything
and everything
that is calm.
With the rain
darkness lingers
to be scattered.
Though the rain
is eager give up
the darkness is
I am the rain
and only the sun
can break up
these showers.
earnoux Sep 2014
I stare at the water
eyes as wide as the oceans themselves --

Each set of waves entices me
like a lover reaching out her hand
beckoning from underneath
the crisp white duvet cover
to join her.

Come to me and let go.
Come to me and forget.

She is warm
and I feel safe in her presence
though I should feel
a numbing chill
deep in my chest.

Come to me and let go
Come to me and forget.

I reach for her hand
but instead am swept into a

The water had stared back at me
ready to engulf this doe-eyed romantic
earnoux Sep 2014
I'm repeating
in my head
                              I'm sorry
I don't believe  
I said it enough to you.
earnoux Sep 2014
You had no idea
that when you slid
your hand in my pocket
you destroyed any control
I had to resist you.
Or did you?
earnoux Sep 2014
I'm scared
I'm terrified
It's such a constant

Never in my life
      have I felt
      consumed by a

My heart beats
      with fear

Each thud
Each dud

Quietly it goes
       pumping this
       pain throughout
       my bones.

I am scared.
earnoux Aug 2014
In a moment far from reverie
I wondered
will the thought of you save me
or push me over the edge?
earnoux Jul 2014
I sleep in a bed of lies
layer by layer
each word spoken with a sweet smile
creates more cushion

I rest next to exaggerations
they keep good company
of hyperbole and hubris
always with the kindest eyes

Your perfume lingers for days
trapped in my duvet of little fictions
because it is the only truth
you ever give to me.
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